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Improved Filtering on NWC

When filtering through instances it would be helpful to filter based on workflow (ability to include or exclude) or through an instance name containing x. Would also help if you could save a filtering list view so you almost have a report

Choose Workflow in Embedded Salesforce Component

The embedded Nintex Component for Salesforce only allows you to have 1 form on display per component on Salesforce. It would be beneficial to have the component allow you to select which workflow you want and then load the starting form for the wo...

Expose keywords and labels in API

It would be extremely helpful if you would expose the keywords and labels associated to an object and also add keywords and labels to the filter parameters.
Guest 8 days ago in General 3 Open for voting

Include Parent Value as well as Field Value on on Improvement Register

We ask our users to identify the Root Cause of an incident in the form of Root Cause Level I and Level II. For example, if it was a Root Cause Level I of "System/Technology: Error, then we ask them to further drill down and tell us if it was due t...
Stacia Kato 8 days ago in Improvement add-on 0 Open for voting

Option to install automation on-prem on a Windows Core Server

Implement the possibility to install the on-prem version of Nintex automation on a Windows Core server. This would make it easier to secure the servers since Windows Core reduces potential attack surfaces. When hardening the standard Windows serve...
Daniel Karlsson 15 days ago in Security 0

Alert notification - NAC Group

It is useful to have alert notification of failed workflows sent to members of group put as workflow owners, currently groups are not supported for alerting (that's the answer I got from support). Groups as workflow owners simplify the management ...
Giacomo Gelosi 21 days ago in Other 0 Open for voting

Online Form for a sharepoint list or library form vs 365 forms

Would be nice if we could use start event forms more often, our issue is it's double the work. It's obviously quicker to execute via a start event form in NAC but we can't use it alot. Would be nice because of the delay between new or edit start e...
Brandi Woodson 4 days ago in Form Designer 0

Integration with telephony systems

The ability to link the discovery console to internal telephony systems to capture the full, accurate end to end process including any conversations with customers or third parties to add context to captured processes
Daniel Orman 4 days ago in Process Discovery console 0 Open for voting

Read Only console access

The ability to set up users from across the business to have read only access to the Console which will allow them to view processes to determine if suitable for automation for example but will deny them the ability to make any changes/delete any ...
Daniel Orman 4 days ago in Process Discovery console 1 Open for voting

Add decription field to roles as per example of systems

This improvement would allow to explain in more detail exact content of the role , this will also avoid duplicating roles.
Guest 5 days ago in Admin 0