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Data Source and External Data seamless updates

Currently, as told by the Nintex engineering team, whenever a data source is updated - for example, if a column is added to a SharePoint list that we have a data source connected with - then it is expected behavior for the update to not push to th...
Shane 28 days ago in Form Designer 0

Repeating Section or Tables for for loading dynamic data

Nintrex Workflow Cloud needs a method of re-populating repeating sections or use of dynamic tables. My scenario is as follows: a form is completed and may have a repeating section field with one or more rows; the data is stored, including data abo...
Guest 10 months ago in Form Designer 7 Planned

Add 'include minimode link when exporting' option for all Promapp reports

Some Promapp/Process Manager reports do not have the option to export to Excel and include the minimode link. The link provided in the PDF version only works for Promapp users, it is not the minimode link, and cannot be used by anyone else. We req...
Guest 12 days ago in General 1 Under Review

A system that would integrate the possibility of choosing the language including French

It would be nice to have the possibility to choose a language in the administrator part of PROMAPP
Guest 12 days ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 0 Open for voting

Add a Live Indication that someone else is updating a promapp

When editing a promapp, I am not aware if there is someone else updating it as well. This will make one of the user lose their work
Guest 3 months ago in General 0 Open for voting

Customizable reporting

It would be great if Promasters were able to create their own reports in their tenant. If we could select the data/fields we want to pull statistics from and filter as we need we could leverage the data more.Would especially be good to filter more...
Guest about 1 year ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 2 Open for voting

Mark original occurrence in snipped process

When snipping a process, I manually crop a single occurrence and the PD algorithm then creates a process with all similar occurrences. However, there is no easy way for me to find the original occurrence to compare it with all the additional occur...
Morten Schnack 13 days ago in Process Library 0 Open for voting

Add application distribution in % to occurrences in the graph views

When viewing a process in Process Library, I can see the application distribution in % for the entire process. I would like to see this on an occurrence level when opening the occurrence dropdown, so I can quickly detect outliers or patterns (e.g....
Morten Schnack 13 days ago in Process Library 0 Open for voting

Link a process to its original discovery search

Some times after saving a process to the Process Library, I may discover that some steps are off and need to be snipped or that I want to recapture the process. It would be helpful if I could easily go back to the recent search where I found the p...
Morten Schnack 13 days ago in Process Library 0 Open for voting

Collaborating with team members on the Discovery Results view

In order to more efficiently review 50+ discovered processes, I would like some collaboration features to work with my team. This could be assigning a discovered process to a particular user or tagging a discovered process (either with a user name...
Morten Schnack 13 days ago in Process Discovery console 0 Open for voting