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Scoring inherent risks with colour

Would be great to have the inherent risks showing in their colour scores (same as residual) so we can visually see the improvement of the risks.
Guest 5 days ago in Risk add-on 0 Open for voting

Start Event Forms - Default Values & Rules

We need the following default values enabled for the following on task forms and start event forms in Nintex Automation Cloud ("NAC"). People Picker Fields - If Active Directory is enabled in tenant why wouldn't ID be an option to default value as...

Greater support for file variables

We have a component workflow that is able to take a collection of files along with a regular expression, and use that regular expression to find a specific file in the collection. This is extremely helpful in situations where we need a file that w...
Brady 22 days ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) 0 Open for voting

Detect Deletions from a SharePoint List

We have workflows that start when an item is added to or modified in a SharePoint list, but it would be really nice if the workflow could start when seomthing is deleted from the list as well.
Kaylee 12 days ago in Workflow Designer 0

Error message with Cloud Workflow Error

Please add the failure reason to the email that a Cloud Workflow failed. It would be really nice to have that information in the email itself, since most errors do not require any action on developer/owner part.
Laura Stein 12 days ago in Runtime 0
138 VOTE

Bulk archive/delete of processes

We create processes during training that serve no purpose after the training session. It can take a long time to search for these and archive/delete them one by one. It would be a lot quicker if this could be done in bulk, by searching for process...
Guest about 2 years ago in Improvement add-on 39 Not Planned

Copy and Paste between Workflows

It would be great to be able to copy any part of a Workflow and be able to paste it into another workflow.
Shane 4 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

Smartsheet - Include displayvalue in returned object

The Update a Row and Get a Row actions will return a Smartsheet object containing a cell's value. Often, cells will also have a "displayvalue", which is the formatted value of a cell. As an example, within Smartsheet, the value for a cell may be 1...
Brady 7 days ago in Connectors 0

Improvements to column editor in Process Library

I would like more capabilities for the column editor in the Process Library overview, such as changing the width of a column adding/removing columns more columns to choose from (e.g. Avg Duration, Avg Actions, Max Duration, Max Actions, Creator) s...
Morten Schnack 13 days ago in Process Library 0 Open for voting

Add "alias" property to white-listed applications

When defining white-listed applications I put in a process name that is later displayed in the Discovery Results. The process name is not very user friendly (e.g. "word32.exe") and I would like to add a more readable alias (e.g. "Microsoft Word")....
Morten Schnack 13 days ago in Process Discovery console 0 Open for voting