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Assign a task form design and objects

Allow objects to be edited with switch/toggle on task design forms so whoever is actioning task form can edit data in collection/object. In 365 we can for related list items why can't we at least have the ability to allow users with edit permissio...
Brandi Woodson 6 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

Matrix variations with variation manager

I have now had instances with a couple of clients in a short period of time where there are two companies brought together into a group, bringing variation, or multiple product lines, plus regional variations to boot. Would it be possible to have ...
Jack Worboys 6 months ago in Process Variations 0

Allow export of staff tables to excel/csv

We have a large number of staff and need to be able to import the list to excel or csv
Guest 7 months ago in Account Administration 0

API Reporting for Process Variations

Report to identify the number of process-specific variations across all groups. Currently there is easy way to understand what processes have specific variations.
Guest about 2 years ago in Process Variations 0

Pokemon Emerald Cheats

Now, in terms of gaming, pokemon is played all over the world, and gamers adore all of the different editions of this fantastic game. The best thing is that each new game version improves on the preceding one in terms of graphics, gaming strategie...
Guest about 1 year ago in Nintex Mobile 0

Need Wait Actions

Don't we have "Wait Until" and "Wait For" actions?
Guest over 6 years ago in Workflow Designer 0

Link Workflow Details from Tasks List

It would be nice to have the workflow name be a link from the Tasks Menu Screen to view the workflow details. Often times when troubleshooting a workflow issue it takes forever to track down the workflow related to a task.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Runtime 1 Not Planned

Occasional Disabling ("Assign a Task")

Hi,I have few tasks ("assign a task") in workflow that needs to be disabled for a specific number of days and automatically activate for once and disable again. Can you please assist how it can be done?
Guest 9 months ago in Workflow Designer 1

Tenant Branding

Branding or labelling for different tenant instances. Where we have multiple tenants that we use for development and production, is it possible to update the look to make the dev tenancy distinct from the other.
Andrew 9 months ago in Other 0 Open for voting