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Status Open for voting
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Guest
Created on May 20, 2023

Fix bug not allowing Repeating Sections from a Task Response to be used inside the Document Generator

REF Nintex Support Case #00544037 for more details

Add support to allow Repeating sections from a Response to a Task to be used inside the Document Generator as repeating data (this is not blocked by the interface, nor a warning message advising the user it won't work. Reaching out to support came back twice as closed because it should have worked but it turns out it does not).

Current behavior: The Repeating section from a Task can be added as repeating data in a Doc Gen task, but when replacing the content only empty roes will be created in the final document matching the exact number of rows in the source data but no content.

Here is an example that can be used to reproduce the bug that was used to open the eyes to the support team.

Using export key: m8gDA9GhfVnGsZg81gtxa4wXgNnYY6mFyX6dkgmoaezd2ovLr

You will also need the 2 attached files (WorkingExample.docx and FailingExample.docx)

Steps to reproduce:

- Upload the 2 files to GDrive (or choose another platform.. you will need to access those templates from the workflow and it's already configured with GDrive)

- Open the workflow and update the Get a File and Store a file actions to be able to GET the templates and store the files (you can also send by email if it's easier to you)

- Update the task "Assign a task to multiple users" so that you will receive the email to complete the task

- Start the workflow

- Complete the initial form with some data and submit the form

- A file with perfectly replaced repeating sections will be generated

- the "Assign a task to multiple users" will trigger an email to you to complete a new form with a repeating section in it

- Add at least 2 so you can fully test the issue and select the Approve output (if you select Reject you'll have to start over)

- A new file will be generated with the exact number of rows as the ones you added to the repeating section in the task but no content will be available

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