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Status Open for voting
Categories Process Variations
Created by Adrian Garibdass
Created on May 18, 2023

Change or organize variation lists

Our organization has created country variations for the different areas of the world we operate. Our management system requirements are organized as Global, which applies to all operational areas, and by country, which includes the Global requirements and any specific requirements required to operate in that country. Global requirements are the highest level and always apply regardless of the operational level.

We want the ability to arrange how the variations appear to an end-user when viewed. We continue to add operational countries, and no variation configuration setting can change how these variations are listed. Variations are listed in the order they were added, e.g., we just added Australia as an operational area, and when viewed by the end-user, it appears below the United Kingdom. We would also like to place Global at the top of the variation list as it is the highest-level requirement within our organization. See attached screenshots.

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  • Adrian Garibdass
    Jun 6, 2023

    Hi Kat, can you post a short video to show how you are able to drop and drag variations into an order of your choosing? This is not available in our PROD environment. Variations are arranged alphabetically in the right-hand toolbar, and when a new variation is added, the new variation appears to the users at the bottom of the list.

    See the attached video, which shows our most recent variation addition, Australia, at the top of the 'Edit Toolbar' list and, when viewed by the end-user, appears at the bottom.

    We are not able to re-arrange the variation list.

  • Kat Weightman
    May 23, 2023

    If you are meaning the order the variations appear on the list then you can re-arrange them although this will be the same across all users.

    By going to the "Edit variations" Page you then get the toolbar on the right hand side. This allows each variation to be dragged and dropped into an order of your choosing.

    As mentioned I believe this will be the same order for all users when perhaps you want each user to be able to see a different order so UK users may see their country second on the list after Global but then users in Australia will see theirs second, is this what you were meaning?