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Status Open for voting
Categories Other
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Jan 27, 2024

Add additional "instance" filters to better support DESIGNERS and GLOBAL ADMIN

I would love to see additional filters added in instances to better support workflow failures!

  • A checkbox for development use instances.

    • There should be a box like "Include instances of deleted workflows" but for development use only instances. Add a checkbox that reads "Include development use instances".

    • The default behavior should not even show development use instances, only production. A user should click the box to show development instances since Nintex allows the ability to share environments for dev and prod work activity!

    • Development activity and tasks should also not show up within My Nintex unless a user checks a similar box to see all that.

      • This would also help when testing etc. for troubleshooting. If we have to move something back to dev and run a test, it would be nice to have this identified and filtered out of site for end-users. They do NOT want to see stuff in their queue that are not live tasks or workflow activity (if business owner). The fact that development stuff shows up by default is not ideal when sharing the space for both activity. You have to be able to identify what is live / production vs development!

  • A filter for instance ID.

    • When you create a support ticket you only have the instance ID referenced in the ticket. It's difficult to go back to the instance we created a support ticket for when we begin discussions with Nintex Support.

    • It's also difficult to assess how much of an impact to production an issue is causing. We get asked a lot when creating Nintex case tickets if this is impacting multiple production workflows. How would we know? We are reaching 1,000 workflow in our tenant and steadily growing. There is no way to filter dev from prod instances.

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