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Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Jun 11, 2023

Please improve filters for Get Tasks Actions


Each task owner needs to be able to request clarifications before making a decision, when needed on a task. Outcomes set as reject, approve and request clarifications.

There are 10 task owners that need to respond for each request for this task.

  • We can't use 1st response behavior, since we need all task owners to respond.

  • We can't use all must respond task behavior, because we need each task owner to have the ability to request clarifications from the initiator/requester and then it go back/forth with a stage action between the two parties until a decision is made by the single task owner.

Because of these business requirements, we can't bottle neck the process by waiting on all 10 task owners to finish before clarifications task goes to the initiator/requester for submitted feedback for possibly only one task owner that needed clarifications to make a decision.


There is no way to filter by workflow ID and return all active tasks for just the one share point list item record. We have to manage tasks in a SharePoint list and manage it that way just to loop through instance ID's rather than having the ability to just check active tasks on the workflow level for the related list item.


Nintex needs to be provide an option for designers to pass a unique text key for each task that is generated to be included in the output variable for each tasks collections.

In most cases our unique key would be a SharePoint list item ID (the request) that we need to use the get tasks action to return all tasks that are active (or in a specific status) that belongs to a single request (SharePoint list item ID).

If Nintex could provide a unique key that is optional when creating a task that would be really beneficial for customers if we could use that and workflow ID in the filter options in "Get Tasks" action.

Filters to add::

  • Workflow ID

  • Unique text Key

  • Attach files