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Show ViewFlow of Subworkflows

When starting a Subworkflow in K2 Five, the ViewFlow doesn't allow to view the ViewFlow of the Subworkflow. A connection e.g. by clicking the Subworkflow-icon would be useful.
Guest over 1 year ago in Workflow 1

Grouping conditions in workflow designer

Currently is not possible to group conditions in the workflow designer when using the SmartObject List method. This was possible in Blackpearl (
Guest over 1 year ago in Workflow 0

Support for Process Version Migration Tool

Please confirm this will work with K2 Five 5.6.
Peter Yao 5 months ago in Workflow 1

Out-of-office functionality - add an OOF on a single workflow, activity, during a period of time

Being able to add an out of office for a single workflow, during a period of time, on a specific activity. Business Case: Users wanted to be able during their holiday to give access to an assistant to be able to resubmit requests that have been su...
Amanda Moumen 4 months ago in Workflow 0

Ability to Reset the Loop index

Need ability to reset a loop to restart it in the designer. This was requested before.
Vernon Jardine 29 days ago in Workflow 0

Actionable Messages in K2 Five

Add support for actionable messages to match what is possible in Nintext Cloud and Power Automate:
Steve Mannina 5 months ago in Workflow 0

Allow smart action to process the action on any line of the email body

Allow the smart action to be able to read the action to be taken on any line in the email and process the action accordingly. Do not restrict to the first line of the email body.
Guest about 2 months ago in Workflow 0

Process level escalation function

Request for a process level escalation function so we can send the email or call SmartObject, GotoActivity, or Terminate the workitem. This is for long running process. The escalation might be 1 year away. There is deadline per stage but if the pr...
Peter Yao about 2 months ago in Workflow 0

See Entire Line Label in Viewflow

K2 Five (5.5) Viewflow cuts off the label text of line. There is no way to see the entire text. Activities allow you to hover and see more text. Please provide a way to see all the text entered on the line label.
Guest 7 months ago in Workflow 0

Ability in Designer to set the Call sub Workflow Event to use Service account.

Ability in Designer to set the Call sub Workflow Event to use Service account.
Vernon Jardine about 2 months ago in Workflow 0