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Status Under Review
Categories General
Created by Catherine Chan
Created on Jun 29, 2023
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit IDEA-I-3787 Process review notifications.

Change the timing of when Review Notification are sent out Merged

There seems to be a flaw in the current timing of notification when processes are due for review.

The current design means there are instances where users are being sent reminders that a process is comming up for review, but they are not allowed to review the process (as it is more than months in advance). They cannot disable or acknowledge these reminders, they just become un-actionable spam.

At the moment, a process is flagged and a user recieves a notification when a process is within 10% of review period. This metric only makes sense if a process is at the default 12 month period, meaning they get a remind 1.2 months prior to the process review. Since this period is within 2 months of the review period, the user can then actually review the process when they receive the reminder.

Is a process is set up for any period longer than 12 months, for example for a 36 month review cycle (once every 3 years), based on the 10% of review period the user is getting a notification 3.6 months in advance. However, the process can only get review 2 months in advance meaning the user is pretty much getting spammed this reminder every week for almost 2 months. They cannot acknowledge that they have received the remind or put it on “mute”, and they are prevented from actioning the reminder. Imagine how incredibility frustrating that is, and after a while this is going to train the user into just ignoring the notification all together, or setting a rule to delete the notification.

The solution would either be:

1. For orange notification flag be amended to be a flag rule of 2 months prior to the review period or;
2. Amend the rule preventing users from reviewing a process more than 2 months prior to the review period, and have it match the notification flag i.e. users can review a process within 10% of the review period.