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Workflow Errors

There needs to be some notifcation to the designer or somoene if the workflow errors. When you have multiple workflows across multiple sites a notifcation is helpful in managing your workflows and any issues. This was available in on-prem why has ...
Guest 3 months ago in Designer 43 Completed

Long Term Delegation improvement

Make it possible to determine who set a Long Term Delegation rule for a specific user. Also make it possible to delete LTD rules by administrator.
Guest about 23 hours ago in Workflow for SharePoint 0

Style profile - CSS / JS Files upload

It would be really usefull to have the possibility to directly upload a JS or CSS file to a Style Profile (instead of only beeing able to add a link) This would actually be a major change for some customers when we don't have access to the K2 Serv...
Guest 12 days ago in SmartForms 0

Being able to attach a version of the form to a version of the workflow

When we add a new action on an existing form/workflow (ex: adding "sending back to requestor" on existing "Approve/Reject" actions), When deploying the solution in PROD, the ongoing workflow instances are based on an older version that don't have ...
Amanda Moumen 13 days ago in SmartForms 0

Being able to search on the content of the smartform rules

When we investigating on issues on Smartforms, it will be very usefull to be able to search on rules. It is possible to search at the moment but only on the title of the rule and not to find which rule contains a "show message" for example.
Amanda Moumen 13 days ago in SmartForms 0

Being able to copy/paste a control/a table/a cell when designing a smartform

It will be very usefull to be able to copy/paste a control/a table/a cell when designing a smartform. Ex: While designing a smartform with 10 labels as titles where we need to apply custom theme on those labels, we have to change the font/size/col...
Amanda Moumen 13 days ago in SmartForms 0

Out-of-office functionality - add an OOF on a single workflow, activity, during a period of time

Being able to add an out of office for a single workflow, during a period of time, on a specific activity. Business Case: Users wanted to be able during their holiday to give access to an assistant to be able to resubmit requests that have been su...
Amanda Moumen 12 days ago in Workflow 0

Customise the Home Page so you can have pop up message when staff login

Hi, would be great to be able to add organisational wide "Pop up" messages to the home page at login. So that we can promote any changes for all users eg. change to approval process. This will ensure we capture all staff who are using Promapp rath...
Guest 15 days ago in Improvement add-on 0

Allow Variables to be used in Excel Macros

This would allow the use of dynamic values in excel macros when inserting formulas, etc. in Excel.
Guest 4 days ago in Studio 0

Allow Account To Change To Sub-Account

I would like the ability to move an already existing Account underneath another Account. Currently, I can only create new Sub-Accounts within an Account. There is not a way to re-arrange the account structure for Accounts that already exist. For e...
Jenna Jentges 5 days ago in  0