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Status Open for voting
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 7, 2020

Include a 'Reviewed It' button for when Explicit Reviews (configuration) is turned OFF

When Explicit Reviews are turned OFF, the 'Out of Date' is calculated based on the last published date which is great.

However if a process has not been updated (or is still current) after the expiry duration, the process becomes 'Out of Date' and currently the only way to make this process a published process again is to edit the process (just click around so the Save button appears) and the re-submit the process for approval and then publishing. This is because when Explicit Reviews are turned OFF, the 'Reviewed It' button is no longer available.

This doesn't make sense... Here is how the workflow looks like:
1. Staff A creates Process A
2. Process A is published on 1st Jan 2020
3. 12 months later (1st Jan 2021), Process A is now ā€˜Out of Dateā€™
4. Staff A looks at Process A and finds the process still relevant, no changes to the process is required
5. To make Process A 'Published' again, Staff A needs to edit the process
6. Click around without making changes, just so the 'Save' button appears
7. Click 'Submit for Approval'
8. Process Owner of Process A receives an approval email - Process Owner goes into Process A to review and find no changes
9. Process Owner Approves
10. Process A then goes to Promasters for publishing
11. Promaster goes into Process A to review process methodology to find no changes
12. Promaster publishes process

Steps 5-12 in the above can all be avoided if there's a 'Reviewed It' button available for Staff A around step 4.
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  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that this review functionality could be improved, however this isn't on our near term roadmap. For now we'll gauge interest from other clients before deciding to implement.