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Status Planned
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Jun 18, 2023
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit IDEA-I-2722 Error Handling.

File locked by shared use - please provide an action or error handling that resolves this issue Merged

Please provide a solution for this issue. This issue is causing us major problems and every OOO solution we come up with is 10x the work only because the workflow can’t handling waiting for file to be unlocked by user to move forward or allow us to add an error handling action for this particular action (update items action for files in a library).

We need to store status, reviewer feedback, approval information, commentary etc on files that get opened and closed on a regular basis. We can’t update metadata or columns in library when files are open.

We resorted to tracking document information in a list but this causes more challenges the more we begin using it:

  1. If someone moves a file the link breaks for the link we push to the list for association.

  2. Users have to learn how to manage files from a list vs just having the information accessible in the library for each file

  3. If business requirements require both list and library to be linked, we have to lock the library down from editing up front and provision each file after we have added the list item ID in a column in the library then unlock the file.

The list solution for 1 list item per file is just not sustainable for document management and review and approvals of documents. WE NEED A SOLUTION FOR THIS LOCKED BY SHARE USE OR OUR AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS ARE SUFFERING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!

  • Brandi Woodson
    Jun 19, 2023

    We rarely use check in/check out.

    If we could use a library as-is, without check in/check out feature and update metadata, it would be a lifesaver for us!

    If we attempt to update items action fails, it would be nice if results are set then the "all items updated" output would result in NO since the item or items didn't get updated.....From there we'd decide to move forward with a NO or loop back and try again with a pause for duration for x minutes until whoever has it locked is out of the file.