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Categories Xtensions
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Feb 6, 2023

Data Source Limits

There needs to be a workaround for tasks in NAC that pass SharePoint list data through. Because the data is static (pulled from the start event form) it was suggested we create a data source for the list and pass the data through that was to the task so it's always CURRENT. Also, so we don't have to constantly re-loop through a branch by stage to pick up the latest details of the list item all the time just to show on the next task form. :/

This is a great idea in theory, but not feasible due to the 200 data source limit per tenant. Is the limit per tenant ever going to be modified in the future or will there be a way to support passing data from SharePoint connector and always have "real-time" information pass through to the task form controls for those reviewing a task? Real-time capability existed on Nintex Workflow for Office 365 task forms.

80% or more of our automation solutions consist of some form of an approval process where data needs to be shown on a task form. If ANYTHING changes, the reliability of the information is important to our company. Even if the submitter/initiator doesn't change it but an Admin changes it - it's always going to be static in the cloud - never real-time.

Roughly 1/2 of our customers in which need an approval process built, also need to EDIT information up to the point the request is being approved/rejected or there may be other business requirements where editing just needs to be available at all times when things are being handed back and forth between individuals through tasks.

Currently, since migrating to the cloud, we cannot allow our customers this freedom anymore as we have to lock list items (read permissions) to all users while pending a task to ensure task assignees are seeing the "latest" version of what was sent to them.

Haven't really come up with a great workaround for this issue but we would hit well over 200 data sources within a few months if we had to create a data source for every list we use in our automations.

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