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Automate role changes and exits

Updating roles for users and reassigning tasks takes significant time by the Promasters. Could automation be built into Promapp allowing quicker position changes? Maybe an excel import that updates employee's assigned roles and deactivates other...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 3 Open for voting

Individually change the colour of an Activity

Instead of having one global setting for the colour of an activity, allow the user to change the colour of a particular activity without impacting the others.
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 2 Not Planned

OOTB Progress bar control in SmartForms

a Very useful OOTB feature would be to ship a Progress bar control in K2, as a consultant this is a common thing we need to implement since customer love it and it looks really good but it's overly complicated. It would be very cool if Nintex ship...
Vernon Jardine about 1 year ago in Nintex Automation On-Prem (formerly K2 Five) / SmartForms 2 Under Review

Process review notifications

Currently, with Explicit Process Review turned on, we are notified that there is a process that needs to be reviewed. A notification is added to the dashboard prompting action. When the review is attempted an error is generated because the review ...
Guest about 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Process Variations 4 Under Review

Enable more than one activity in decision matrix

When you have a decision, you can set it to go to next activity, another process or add in another activity completely but it can only be one activity with multiple tasks. Would like to be able to add at least another additional activity. Find we ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 5 Open for voting

Preview and Print Form after submission

Would like to have ability to be able Preview and Print the NWC Form after Form submission. [ ref:_00D90q6Cb._5002v2r1FCN:ref ]
Elisabeth over 3 years ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Runtime 1 Completed

Search role list when doing user maintenance

We have a lot of roles and you need to scroll down the list to add or change a role. It would be helpful to have a search capability in this pop up box, or be able to jump to the section by alphabet.
Kirsty over 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 4 Planned

Reporting document reviews

You can run a report for process reviews due but not for documents and we would find this very useful.
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Documents / Reporting 9 Under Review

Minimode sharing

We need a safe guard by password or link expiry when sharing process through minimode. Currently processes shared via minimode can be viewed by any competitors if they possess the link. The current feature of being able to share processes to those...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 2 Planned

Show process changes in printed versions of procedures

One of our favourite features in Promapp is the ability to compare versions and see the differences visually. Great for approvals and notifications as it allows people to note the differences without needing the re-read the entire process. Becau...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 0 Not Planned