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Improved Document Approval Workflows

Could the document approval workflow be improved to include a "Change Declined" Status that is only visible to Document Owners, Document Approvers, BA and Promasters? If a document approver rejects a document, the status of the document remains as...
Guest over 2 years ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

Track in progress changes in Promapp reports

Provide an additional field to apply to Promapp reports that track changes made to the owners/experts of processes and documents. Not tracking these changes makes it difficult to provide change of ownership proof to external organisations that app...
Guest over 2 years ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

export document tag list

we would like to export a csv file of the document tags as a reference point for the document owners to allocate tags consistently.
Michelle over 2 years ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

document search tag

When linking an existing document can we have functionality added to let us refine our search of those existing links by tags or systems they're associated with? We have many different business units (BU) using Promapp so there are hundreds of doc...
Guest over 2 years ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

Be Able to Search for Documents / Processes by Reference Number

to diversify the way that documents and processes can be searched. can it be made possible to make them searchable by the reference number? not only in the search bar, but when you need to 'attach existing document to a process? Thanks
Guest over 2 years ago in Documents 2 Open for voting

Edit the "Import Rules"

Edit the "Import Rules" listed to note that Process Links, Documents, Decision Links and Conditional links do not come through with the Procedure text import and a place holder is inserted instead.
Guest about 3 years ago in Documents 2 Completed