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Ability to view documents in-software rather than downloading

It would be beneficial to process participants if they could view documents that have been uploaded to Process Manager within the software in a 'view-mode' (e.g. opening in a new tab or a pop-up window). If a document is hosted on Process Manager,...
Abbie Richards 2 days ago in Documents 0 Open for voting

Report to enable My Reviews for overdue documents.

We have many overdue documents for review. I tried to find a report so we could filter to determine who needs to take action. As this is not currently an option this information has been copied manually from Promapp and put onto an excel page but ...
Unknown Unknown about 2 months ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

Ability to move opened document images when in Procedure View

Hi - small enhancement if feasible. From the persona of the Promaster, or reader of a process in Procedure view, it would be great to have ability to move around an image you have opened up in an Activity so that you can see the image and the task...
Srinee almost 3 years ago in Documents 5 Not Planned

Bulk delete of documents

It would be great to bulk delete documents. Over time a number of documents have been uploaded and are no longer or were never attached to processes. We would like to be able to bulk delete any unattached processes that have not been viewed in 12 ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Documents 4 Open for voting

Document Upload - Order Process Group dropdown by Group rather than alphabetically

It's currently impossible to work out which sub-group youll associate document to because of the way the drop down is sorted. Can we see this as SERVICE > Administration for example
Guest about 2 months ago in Documents 0 Open for voting

Manage web links the same as other documents

it appears that ā€œWeb Linksā€ appear in Admin>Reports>Documents, but you can not see them under the ā€œDocumentsā€ tab on the top horizontal menu bar. At the moment, it appears that the only way that we will be able to tidy up the Report, is to m...
Guest 8 months ago in Documents 0 Open for voting

Show draft/unpublished processes that are using documents

Documents cannot be deleted if they are attached to a published process (which is fair) however they also cannot be deleted if they are attached to an unpublished process, which is harder to track down. This also makes identifying orphaned docume...
Guest over 3 years ago in Documents 5 Not Planned

Make attachment types visible in the document library

Even if staff search our document library to check whether a link has already been created, they are unable to see the attachment type (ie form, guide, information, training, policy), so when they then go to attach the existing link to their proce...
Noala Degasperis almost 3 years ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

Option to decide if a document (image, video, pdf, etc) should be added to the Promapp library

When writing a process with attachments, especially screenshots, it is often not necessary for that image to be added to the documents library. It would be great to be able to tick a box that says this document is not required in the library but i...
Michelle Pavel almost 4 years ago in Documents 5 Not Planned

Add an option to change default document approval regime in Configure section

When I create a new document only group, the default approval regime is set to 'ā€˜All required to approveā€™. However, we currently have ā€˜First only required to approveā€™ regime in place in our organisation. We are having to change the option every ti...
Guest about 1 month ago in Documents 0 Open for voting