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Add an option to change default document approval regime in Configure section

When I create a new document only group, the default approval regime is set to 'ā€˜All required to approveā€™. However, we currently have ā€˜First only required to approveā€™ regime in place in our organisation. We are having to change the option every ti...
Guest about 2 months ago in Documents 0 Open for voting

Ability to title documents in document library

Currently documents in the library inherit their title from the name of the file. You cannot give a title to a document. Add the functionality to title a document, separately from it just inheriting the name of the file. Also currently the only wa...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Documents 1 Completed

Moved documents remain in original folder/s - have to be manually moved

Documents attached to processes that are moved to another group should not remain in the original group or provide an option to select 'remove from this group'. With organisational restructures, processes can be moved and the extra work required t...
Guest about 2 years ago in Documents 3 Open for voting

Reporting document reviews

You can run a report for process reviews due but not for documents and we would find this very useful.
Guest over 3 years ago in Documents 9 Under Review

Stop trigger approval workflow when attahment upload/revise in process in edit view

Based on the Promapp setting, uploading attachments (mainly for working instruction) in a process in edit view will trigger approval process. Different from uploading documents directly in Document negivation bar to go through approval process, a...
Guest 8 months ago in Documents 2 Open for voting

View documents without having to download and save

Each time a document or file is viewed it has to be downloaded to the computer and is stored on the hard drive, usually in a default directory. It would be useful if downloading was an option or at the very least an option to delete the document a...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Documents 6 Not Planned

Document Views Report

As Administrator of our system, I am looking for another report: Document searches / views. It would be quite helpful to understand how frequently people search for ressources, to evaluate people involvment in making the system alive :)
Guest almost 3 years ago in Documents 2 Open for voting

Import/Upload Media More Seamlessly

It would be great is we could drag and drop media into procedures while in 'edit' mode. Currently have to navigate to the attachment form and select files individually.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Documents 1 Open for voting

Remove documents from sharepoint search of Promapp

We have added the searchability of Promapp to our sharepoint intranet, however the results also bring up any documents listed in Promapp. As an added complication, they are links to our document management system so it does not even take the user ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Documents 3 Open for voting

Documents: force a search of existing Promapp documents before adding a document

Documents: force a search of existing Promapp documents before adding a document There is currently no way (other than rigorous training) to ensure editors check for the existence of a document in Promapp before adding a new document into a proce...
Gary Tibble over 3 years ago in Documents 3 Not Planned