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Improvements Add On - Incidents allocated based on priority in addition to location

It would be useful if you could not only set who is the approver/closer by location but also if you could do this by the priority rating of the incident. For example high priority could be escalated to the Director of a location instead of the sit...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Improvement Management 1 Not Planned

Enter tags or metadata for checklists

When creating a checklist it could be great to add tags or metadata to categorise checklists and then having more detailed dashboards/lists of checklist items to perform statistics. It could be also useful to use tags to restrict permissions. For ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 1 Not Planned

Potential to change headings of tab

When looking at a process can "Map" be changed to "Process", we are finding Map and Procedure are confusing a lot of people due to no clear definitions or hierarchy of what is a procedure and what is a process.
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Not Planned

Risk Audit History to load from filtered Register

It would be really useful if the Audit History would load using the filters applied to the register. Currently the entire register audit history loads and often just hangs because it takes so long to load, in some cases it halts altogether and you...

Add Variables without having to remove existing variables from workflow actions

When I want to add a new variable after I've used existing variables in other actions in the workflow, i have to remove the existing variables from all the actions in the workflow. If that happens to be an action creating an item. That's a lot to ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Workflow Designer 0 Already Exists

Share innovative ideas

Email users links to interesting innovative Promapps where non-standard ideas have been used so as to inspire creativity.
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Not Planned

Include Filters on ALL Risk Module Reporting

Currently the Audit History Report does not include any indication of what it refers to when exporting to PDF. As a stand alone document this makes it worthless and I would guess not ISO 9001 compliant? It would be useful if all the filters (espec...
Candice over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Reporting / Risk and Compliance Management 1 Not Planned

Allow qualitative only risk ratings

Currently you have to enter quantitative values to provide a risk rating number and level. Could there be an option to just have a level, even if in the background you had to use quantitative values the display would just be high, medium, low etc....

Training tags - allow use of existing system tags

Allow existing system tags in Promapp to be used for Training Tags
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 1 Open for voting

Dashboard notification for any published process

Only 'newly published' processes are notified to the Promaster through the dashboard if configured as 'on'. This only shows new processes that are published and not any processes v1.0 etc that have subsequently been published. It would be a grea...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 3 Completed