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Forms for SharePoint

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Render Nintex O365 Forms in Apple Devices

Nintex O365 Responsive forms should render on Apple devices without intervention by the end user change computer settings. Without this, the forms become unusable on these devices having a direct impact on business processes. Background: Nintex O3...
Kerrie Boyd 7 months ago in Form Settings and Administration 0

Custom Redirect URL on Close

We thank Nintex for giving us the redirect on cancel or submit options, but we need still need one for the close option on the form when users are using the form. It defeats the purposes of the other two being redirected if we don't want them land...
Brandi Woodson 7 months ago in Form Settings and Administration 0

Hide or disable option for NWC workflow form Action Panel

In NWC workflow (form based), there is a default submit button. Would it be possible to have an option to disable or hide it based on one of the form control values? so user cannot submit this form.
Guest 9 months ago in Form controls 0

Allow landscape mode within Responsive Nintex Forms SharePoint 2016

Currently only Classic form allows the width of the form to be expanded to form a landscape mode, we need this to be in Responsive Nintex form as well.
Guest 9 months ago in Form Settings and Administration 0

Specify year-range in date picker of responsive forms

As of current, the date picker shows years in 10-year increments. It is not intuitive for the user to select the earliest possible year, click out of the control, click back in and select 10 more years, until they arrive at the desired year. This ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Form controls 0 Open for voting

Create a 2-dimentional array choice control

Create a 2-dimentional array choice control that captures selections by coordinates (A1, A2, B2, etc. according to the box/button clicked) in order to provide drill-down granularity to large, overarching categories. Form builders would assign a ca...
Guest about 1 year ago in Form controls 0

An option/control in the workflow to email the Nintex Form.

We have many InfoPath forms that only send an email of themselves. We call them fire and forget forms. In Nintex it is time consuming to replace these forms because I have to have a workflow to send the email (which is just fine) but I also have t...
Guest over 1 year ago in Extensibility 0

Disabled rule doesn't work on Filtered Lookup

Hello, This is a bug When we had a disabled rule on a filtered Lookup control or a panel which contains the control, the rule doesn't work Thanks
Guest over 1 year ago in Form controls 1 Open for voting

Admin List of All Mobile Forms

In Central Admin>Nintex Administration, it would be great to have a list that displays all mobile forms (include web app, site, list, etc.)
Guest over 1 year ago in Form Settings and Administration 0 Open for voting

Show Control Fill Colors When Form is Printed to PDF

If, in the new responsive designer, you use rules to assign different control fill colors to choice controls - so that the color of the control changes as the choice is changed - the colors do not show if the form is printed to pdf. It would be he...
Guest over 1 year ago in Forms for SharePoint 0 Open for voting