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Forms for SharePoint

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Checkbox is grayed out

I have submitted a form designed by Nintex Forms. When I click [View item] to open the form to review it, the checkboxes and radio buttons are grayed out indicating they are not editable. I would like it to be darker in color as it is when I cli...
Guest 23 days ago in Forms for SharePoint 0

Document Ownership

Allow documents to have an owner and have a review dates, the same as a process. Currently it reports on who has uploaded the document and when it was upload, from an accountability standpoint this can be really important.
Guest about 1 month ago in Documentation 0

Additional formatting options for DateTime fields

I would like more DateTime formats so that I merge it as a Date, i.e. MM-DD-YY or MMM DD, YYYY - effectively being able to drop the time portion of the field.
Guest 5 months ago in Designer 0

Allow Name field to be duplicated to Title field

When users upload documents to SharePoint document library, it shows up a document properties page for users to fill up the various fields, we like to have the feature to duplicate the "Name" which is the file name to the "Title" field and to allo...
Guest about 2 months ago in Forms for SharePoint 0

Prevent multi users to edit Form at the same time or to allow auto merging of data from multiple users on the same form

Prevent multi users to edit Form at the same time or to allow auto merging of data from multiple users on the same form. Something similar to co editing from Microsoft word, where you can see who else is editing on which part of the form in real t...
Guest 2 months ago in Forms for SharePoint 0

Looking for Wage Subsidy Employer Application to print off

When carrying out interview or meeting with Client and Employer would be great to review it with employer.. saves time for Employer, Client and CEC...
Guest 4 months ago in Form Filling Experience 1

AM/PM in Nintex form

Hello,Please see attached. Users during UAT mentioned that they will prefer to have AM/PM after minutes instead of hour.Please help.Thank youNaresh
Guest over 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Accessibility issue with viewing disabled controls: Date fields, dropdowns and multiple select on Nintex Form font is too light gray

The Issue is when a Rule is invoked that uses the Disabled Checked box. The font does indeed become light gray and this is within the default style of Nintex. This is true even if a font color is selected in the Rule. So the font color in the rule...
Unknown Unknown 6 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0

The Person or Group control does not show the loading icon in Responsive Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2019 and 2016

We are reporting an issue with the Responsive Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2019 and 2016 when you are searching for a user in the People and Group action you will not see the loading icon suggesting that the search is taking place. Replication Step...
Vicentiu Nae about 1 year ago in Form controls 0

Render Nintex O365 Forms in Apple Devices

Nintex O365 Responsive forms should render on Apple devices without intervention by the end user change computer settings. Without this, the forms become unusable on these devices having a direct impact on business processes. Background: Nintex O3...
Kerrie Boyd 7 months ago in Form Settings and Administration 0