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Resubmit Terminated Workflow Instance

The ability to resubmit a failed or completed Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow instance was recently added. It would also be a nice feature to have the ability to resubmit a workflow with the same data where an instance has been terminated. I have r...
Eric Rhodes about 4 hours ago in Runtime 0

SharePoint select retrieved colulmns

Within SharePoint we have the ability to create a list with lookup field types. But SharePoint is limited in returning the amount of lookup colulmns. Within NAC we are unable to specify which fields can be retrieved and therefore all columns are r...
Martijn de Bont about 13 hours ago in Runtime 0

Error message with Cloud Workflow Error

Please add the failure reason to the email that a Cloud Workflow failed. It would be really nice to have that information in the email itself, since most errors do not require any action on developer/owner part.
Laura Stein 12 days ago in Runtime 0

Please allow "Sharepoint Online - Copy an Item" action to accept list items with file attachments containing specials characters in the filenames (example: "#")

We have an annual archival workflow which copies list items from one sharepoint list to a new sharepoint list. However, if the list items have attachments with filenames containing "#", the workflow fails. I met with a Nintex support engineer who ...
Steve Ludwig 15 days ago in Runtime 0

Preview and Print Form after submission

Would like to have ability to be able Preview and Print the NWC Form after Form submission. [ ref:_00D90q6Cb._5002v2r1FCN:ref ]
Elisabeth over 2 years ago in Runtime 0 Under Review

Support Rich Text in Document Generation in NWC

Support for Rich Text form fields in Generate document action in Nintex Workflow Cloud.
Stephen over 1 year ago in Runtime 2 Open for voting

I would like an option to restrict access to the NWC tenant by IP address

For security, we would like to restrict access to the NWC tenant by IP address to retrieve information entered into forms as they may contain private consumer data. This would allow us to add our static bank ip address to prevent unauthorized acce...
Guest 12 months ago in Runtime 0 Open for voting

Delete Workflow History

Be able to delete workflow history. Use case is when developing in same tenant that will be used in prod, you need to be able to delete history
Guest over 1 year ago in Runtime 0

XML / JSON parity with Workflow (onprem/o365)

queryxml and updatexml, would like to see these added. Would also like to see the Query JSON added to Nintex Workflow (on-prem/O365)
Guest over 6 years ago in Runtime 1 Completed

Improved Instance Start Data Naming

While we can see Instance Start Data, it is almost impossible to relate fields on a Start Form back to the start instance data as the naming convention for Instance Start Data from the form just shows the control type. Would be great if the contro...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Runtime 2 Completed