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Status Not Planned
Categories Other
Created by Brady
Created on Aug 25, 2022

Improve NWC APIs to have paginated support

Currently, there's a 4MB limit in the allowed response for a call to an NWC API endpoint. This means, that the information returned from a call may not be complete.

As an example, I want to use the "List Tasks" API to request a list of active tasks from 01/01/2022, through 08/25/2022. It's highly likely that the results returned will only be for something like 06/01/2022 - 08/25/2022, because it hit the 4MB limit and stopped fetching the rest of the results.

This is a problem, because there's no indication that this limit was hit, making you think all the results were returned when in reality, it's only a partial list. Most API's I've interacted with that have limits such as this make use of paginated results. Meaning, the API splits the results up into "pages", and each page can be fetched until there's no more results. This allows us to know we're getting all the results while keeping the API under the 4MB limit.

Please enhance the NWC APIs so that users can be ensured they're getting all the results for their calls.
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  • Admin
    Kate Huynh
    Oct 13, 2023


    Thank you for posting your feedback. Although a great idea, at this time we will not be adding this request to the near-term backlog, as we are focused on other priorities. However, we reevaluate requests every quarter and will reach out if priorities change. Please keep the feedback coming as it is critical for our longer-term planning.


    Kate Huynh