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Status Open for voting
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Aug 14, 2023

Enhance NWC Actions to return custom task form data!

Business Case:

Panel of judges by region should review a video and documentation submitted by contestants. They need to score the video and documents uploaded by the user, and score the entries based on categories on the task form.


Each region has a group of judges that all need to review at the same time. This varies between 5-15 judges pers region. The simple approach would be to do an assign a task and send the same task to group of judges based on dynamic conditions to set the task assignees. We don't want judges seeing scores the other judges submit.

It's not feasible for dynamic approvals to do parallel tasks, unless the # of tasks do NOT change - it's far too much work for something so simple.

An alternative is also to create a component workflow to mitigate that issue to fire off tasks per judge. If we did this, we run into issues where we are forced to manage tasks in SharePoint lists to query ALL the information back that we need from the task form itself later on in the process.

NWC actions are limited and only provide system data for task details, not custom fields created by designer on task forms. It's extremely frustrating to manage tasks outside the system for the same system that offers task management solutions to customers.

I have had to do this for two processes like this so far, primarily because each task had to have the ability to request clarifications for task assignee to make a decision. We couldn't use the same task, as the task behaviors do NOT allow for this type of behavior. It's time consuming and managing of task details and status and data and so much more is a pain


Find a solution to include custom task form data to NWC actions for get task.

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