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Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Apr 27, 2023

SharePoint List Item Lookup for Task Forms on load

Please find a solution to show and default controls with non-static information from the related list item that triggered the workflow!!!!

All the information passed to task forms is STATIC data and not refreshed or synced when task is loaded. We cannot utilize Data Sources due the 200 data source limit per tenant. About 80% of all our automation initiatives are built with a SharePoint online list to support tracking of approval details, commentary and more that is all updated through workflows. We would hit this threshold quickly!

It's sooooooo much work in the design and architecture of our workflows trying to pass everything through variables between tasks through workflows.

We need the latest information showing on a task form, not static from a retrieve an item action or start event object. PLEASE!!!!!

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  • Brandi Woodson
    May 12, 2023

    Proprietary \ KBR confidential

    Hmmm, how would that work?

    Each process we build would have its own independent list supporting it from a different site.

    To default the data from each of those lists into a task form a DS has to be created for you to use on a task form.

    We aren't using the same list for all our automation build....or that would work. Lists are normally used to store the data being entered on a form by a user (the request) and then updated throughout the process for status, comments and approval info.


  • Admin
    Chintan Desai
    May 12, 2023

    Hi Brandi, To avoid hitting the 200 limit, can you try to configure the data source(DS) and associated list from within the form designer instead of creating a new list specific DS everytime? For this you create a DS which is just using a sharepoint connector. You do not select the list in the DS at the time of ceration. Hope this helps.

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