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Nintex eSign (formerly Nintex AssureSign)

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API Promapp - Improvements - Where is the Target Investigation Completion Date field?

This is a really important focus for our reporting but we cannot find it? Why not?
Elizabeth Keenan about 2 months ago in API 0

Classic template bulk import/export

The import/export process of classic templates is very time consuming because you need to do import/export one by one. If you had a bulk import export that would make the import/export process more efficient.
David Gomez 3 months ago in Templates 0

Allow multiple email addresses for a single signer

When sending an envelope for signature, sometimes I would like to send the envelope to the person's work email address and their personal email address, giving them the option to open the envelope from either Inbox. Currently, AssureSign only allo...
Jenna Jentges 11 months ago in Simple Setup Features 0 Open for voting

Allow subsequent signers to see attachments added by prior signers.

When a signer adds an attachment, the system currently does not provide a way for subsequent signers to see that attachment. Creating this functionality would eliminate the need for sending multiple envelopes in a process that requires review of a...
Guest over 1 year ago in Signing Experience 0 Under Review

Mobile Application

Before the merge of AssureSign & Nintex, AssureSign had a mobile application that was useful for mobile e-signing. Several clients have expressed the usefulness of having access to a mobile application. AssureSign is one of the larger e-sign c...
Guest 8 months ago in Signing Experience 0

Have magnification capability

Currently you can not jump to specific page in document while viewing your document in template. Please add "go to Page" functionality. Second, add page zooming functionality to enlarge/reduce the viewing document.
Guest over 1 year ago in Templates 0 Open for voting

Increase character length

Increase character length of some fields, such as:email bodyemail [Custom Message]and in JotBlocks:Multi-choice input blocks Instructions and Radio Button text
Guest about 1 year ago in Templates 0 Open for voting

Send AssureSign Delivery Errors to All Signers

When creating a custom webhook, we can add email addresses to receive delivery failures. It would be nice to have the ability to send delivery failures to the signers of an envelope. We can't manually attach their emails to the webhooks in the Not...
Tyler Carter 5 months ago in Nintex eSign (formerly Nintex AssureSign) 0

Envelope Entitlement/Remaining count.

The only way to calculate the remaining envelopes is currently to know the original purchased amount and then to report on the total used in order to subtract it. Having a quickly displayed total would allow us to easily monitor usage at a glance....
Guest 6 months ago in Account Administration 0

Release Notes should be more in-depth

Every time there is an update to AssureSign, the Nintex AssureSign Status page ( says to refer to the Release Notes page for details ( However,...
Jenna Jentges 11 months ago in Signing Experience 2 Planned