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Make Systems Easy to Remove

To remove a system from Promapp, first you must remove system tags by going into each process and removing them manually. This means from each activity, task, and note. If you have a number of processes where a system appears in, this is a signifi...
Dan Hopkins about 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Open for voting

Ability to resubmit form that is entered thru NWC.

Currently the NWC forms are once off so if there is something that the approvers would like the user to update, it can't be done. It would be great if you can come up with the ability for users to resubmit or update the form data.

Report showing change log

There is a report "change log" but it would be more convenient if it was showing the approval flow, dates of approvals and names of people approving. Our work would be less manual then.
Guest over 1 year ago in K2 Cloud / Reporting 0

Add support for Client Certificates for authentication in the 'Call Web Service' action.

When a web service end point requires a client certificate for authentication, a client certificate needs to be specified for use.
Guest over 1 year ago in Nintex for SharePoint 1

Ability to linking a Process Groups within a Process

At times I need to have a link in a process to another process group. But there is not a way to do this. I can link individual processes either within a note or at an activity level. But need to do the same for a process group.
Rachel Lowe over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 2 Not Planned

Sort out page and formatting breaks when printing procedures, currently images are separated from the tasks

When printing processes the images are separated from the associated task making them hard to follow in the printed format. Formatting / Page breaks can only be cheated by changing image size but this can only be modified by reuploading images wit...
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Open for voting

search field is not standing out in new look.

With the new look Promapp, the search field in the documents module and in the improvements register does not stand out as the icon is small, and the field only pops up if clicked on, plus is the same colour as the surrounding page.. Could the sea...
Guest about 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Open for voting

Assign a check to several people

Allow for several users to be assigned to a check (inc. all to complete or first only)
Guest over 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 1 Not Planned

Microsoft Office Groups Connector to Support pagination more than 100 items as it does today.

As this current Connector supports an API limit of 100 it is quite common for the majority of companies to exceed this limit. Our ask is for this API to support at least 1000 groups. In our environment, we have 500 groups and the current restricti...
Mike Pierce over 1 year ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Connectors 1 Not Planned

Add Uninstall feature to the Bot installer

When you upgrade the discovery bot to a new version, you should first uninstall the previous one. It would be very helpful if the installer could recognize the already installed version and uninstall it automatically during the installation.
Yulia Markov over 1 year ago in Nintex Process Discovery / Package & Deploy 0 Open for voting