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Allow Form and View Rules to be Moved or Alphabetized and Include Comments

In forms with many views and unbound rules it can be difficult to find and understand how rules are being used. It would be helpful and significantly reduce eye movement on the screen if rules could be moved up and down or alphabetized within the ...
Brian Andersen about 1 year ago in SmartForms 0

Make Rule comments visible

Allow the first 100 chars of rule comments to be visible when configuring rule steps
Guest 10 months ago in SmartForms 0

Sort Order of Service Instance Methods

When creating SmartObject methods in the designer, Service Instances are not listed alphabetically which can make it difficult to find the instance you are wanting to refer to if you have a lot of services integrated.
Guest over 1 year ago in SmartForms 1

PDF File Viewer (for Preview Purpose)

A PDF displayer on K2. Currently I make use of a custom made PDF Viewer that makes use of an iFrame HTML tag that reads the PDF's base64. However, the only concern is that should the Base64 be bigger than a certain amount of characters, the pdf wi...
Guest over 1 year ago in SmartForms 1 Under Review

List View Navigation to Last Page

The list view has double arrows to navigate back to the first page. There should also be double arrows to navigate to the last page.
Shelly Cox 5 months ago in SmartForms 1

Legacy Theme Twilight Issue

Legacy theme twilight issue after upgrading from K2 5.3 to K2 5.5 The enabled button similar colour as the disabled drop down or picker. Please bring back the previous colour scheme.
Guest 10 months ago in SmartForms 1

On Deleting a Form/View the Are you sure message should give form/view name

On Deleting a Form/View the Are you sure message should give form/view name
Guest 11 months ago in SmartForms 0

Repeater Grid Control

display for x =1 to n Items where item contains (controls )
Guest over 1 year ago in SmartForms 0 Under Review

New feature to input image file into document (PDF file)

I would like to request input approval signature (image file) into part of approval name in document (PDF file) after approved.
Guest over 1 year ago in SmartForms 0

Allow anonymous to be a selectable state

When a new state is created, advanced conditions such as anonymous are greyed out. Please allow anonymous to be selectable - sometimes the same form should be able to be used internally and externally.
Guest about 1 year ago in SmartForms 0