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K2 Cloud

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OAS 3.0 Support for REST service Instance

Currently only OAS2.0 is supported in order to generate Service instance. Need support in order to have OAS3.0 swagger supported.
Santhosh Krishnan about 2 months ago in K2 Cloud 0

Import excel data to K2 Form

There is no Connector or service type to read Excel file and get JSON data to display on the screen. Need a connector for reading Excel file data.
Santhosh Krishnan about 2 months ago in K2 Cloud 0

Issue with Loop step in workflow

We facing issue with Loop configuration in workflow process. Please find the steps followed Steps:1. Use create reference for the SmartObject returning list2. Reference item has been created3. Configure loop pointing to the reference item4. Create...
Santhosh Krishnan about 2 months ago in Workflow 0

Automation/Performance/Load testing in K2 Cloud

Is the performance/load testing can be done for Forms, SmartObjects and Workflow in K2 Cloud. Is there any tool used to do automate the testing and to check the load of the K2 Cloud.
Santhosh Krishnan about 2 months ago in K2 Cloud 0

Remove context browser settings in Default filter option

As per part of development activity, we observed that the business user can able to view the context browser details. User should not view the context browser. We didn't any option to disable or remove this section.
Santhosh Krishnan about 2 months ago in K2 Cloud 0

Designer - Visibility of Locked Workflows

Using the My Items section in Designer, I can view all Forms and Views that are checked out to myself, and therefore manage them easily. You do not have the same visibility of Workflows that are locked to myself, so I have to click through the ent...
Mark Hogben about 2 months ago in Other 0

Automate K2 Package Deployment to support DevOPs

Automating Building as well as deploying K2 Packages should be the way to go ahead . This is because more customers are moving towards DevOPs
Danny Knudsen over 1 year ago in Package & Deploy 2 Not Planned

Development of UMUser smartobject

For organisations that use Okta as their authentication method and user management there are times when you need to use the UMUser smartobject to get identity details in your app. Currently you can not get first name and surname as separate elemen...
Ryan Chambers 5 months ago in Identity 0

Tabbing through the editable columns in an Editable List View

We need a feature to tabbing through the editable columns in an Editable List View.
Guest 10 months ago in SmartForms 1

Delegation with Out of Office

Expanding on the current out of office functionality... It would be great if there was a way to provide a little more configuration for all users to self-service their out of office: Add a time-frame for users to setup the valid time for their del...
Guest 10 months ago in Workspace 0 Not Planned