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Nintex DocGen and Nintex DocGen for Salesforce

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Docusign move to OAuth 2.0 will affect Nintex Drawloop DocGen customers using legacy ikey

DocuSign is introducing authentication based on OAuth 2.0 as per: customers may be using integration keys that are part of legacy setup.This change will be enforced...
Guest 10 months ago in 3rd Party Integration 1 Planned

Conditionally hide text

This applies to Doc Gen for Salesforce and Doc Gen for Automation Cloud. There are many instances where text could be conditionally hidden e.g. a special clause in a contract or if the field we are referencing is null e.g. a missing suburb in an a...
Chris Ben 4 months ago in Document Automation 0

Add search function for the field tagger

Data sources can have hundreds of fields. It would be great to have a search function within the field tagger in both DocGen for Salesforce and DocGen for AC. It would operate similar to how the variable search works in AC.
Chris Ben 4 months ago in Document Automation 0

Enhance addendum documents function to allow setting the position of where they are included

Right now you can specify an Addendum Doc Id Field on the DocGen Package. If you then have a child relationship that contains multiple records that each specify a different salesforce document id, these all get merged onto the end of the rendered ...
Guest about 2 years ago in DDP Management and Creation 0 Open for voting

Lighting Component - Custom Object Contacts

The DocGen Lightning Component needs to be able to support custom Contact Lookup fields on Custom Objects. We have documents with required Contacts, but the Component isn't recognizing the Contact selected in the document as it's a custom Contact ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Lightning Experience 0 Open for voting

Adjust addendum functionality to support Salesforce Files

Allow the use of Salesforce Files and Content Documents in the addendum functionality. Currently, it only supports Documents, which are not supported in Lightning, and makes using the app for Salesforce communities far more difficult.
Guest about 2 years ago in Document Automation 2 Open for voting

Ability to select Additional To and BCC in Lightning

In lightning when Email deliverability is selected users have option to search for Contact or Leads on To field. But on Additional To field search functionality is not available which is there on classic. Users have to manually additional emails a...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Lightning Experience 1 Open for voting

Job Status queue can be accessed by Non System admins with DocGen Admin Permission Set

Job Status Page is not accessible for DocGen Admins

Support File Storage Value Type for Adobe Sign Delivery Option

Currently, the Adobe Sign delivery option supports the "attachment" storage type. Would like to have this support the "files" storage type
Natsumi Shiraiwa over 1 year ago in 3rd Party Integration 0 Not Planned

Support picklist translations

Please allow foreign language users to export picklist values in their language
Guest 5 months ago in DDP Management and Creation 0