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Nintex DocGen and Nintex DocGen for Salesforce

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Add Secure PDF Generation Options to Prevent Editing Generated Doc

Anyone with Acrobat Pro can edit a Drawloop generated PDF document. This makes functionality, especially adding a watermark, relatively ineffective since it can be removed easily. We can ask our users to add a password but this leaves us exposed t...
Guest 9 months ago in Document Automation 0 Open for voting

Allow functionality when clickjack protection is enabled

As part of Salesforce's Health Check, it is recommended that clickjack protection is enabled for customer Visualforce pages. However, it has been identified that if we enable that security setting then the out of the box lightning button for gener...
Guest 8 months ago in Lightning Experience 0

Lightning Doc Gen Email 'To' Lookup Has No Filter Criteria for Contact Selection

Email 'To' has no filter criteria for lookup - no way to identify the contact for selection based on criteria as there is in Classic. We are told this is standard functionality of this page, but it is having a huge impact on the ability to select ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Lightning Experience 2 Open for voting

Ability to attach Files from Desktop to Email delivery with multiple attachments

When having multiple attachments come through in an Email delivery, the ability to attach files from your desktop is not existent. Today if an email is generated via a delivery option and it has multiple attachments you can only add additional att...
Guest over 6 years ago in DDP Management and Creation 12 Open for voting

Can we make redepoyment of DDP functional

After deploying DDP and related manifest items, when redeploying it is working like cloning instead of updating the manifest at target location if that already exist. It should create or insert if that does not exist there on target org.
Guest 7 months ago in DDP Management and Creation 1

Multiple Conditions with 'contains' logic to include a file in the DDP

Sometimes it is necessary to include a document file in DDP based on multiple AND/OR conditions with 'contains' logic. For example, Include a file only when Field 1 contains 'xxx' AND Field 2 contains 'yyy'. It shall be possible to allow these mul...
Guest over 6 years ago in DDP Management and Creation 3 Open for voting

Allow Drawloop Access to be given to the Permission Set Group Level.

Currently The access is only available for Profiles, Role, Permission Set and Group.We would like to request you to add access to the Permission Set Group as well.
Guest over 1 year ago in Setup and Configuration 0 Open for voting

Port the package migration wizard to Lightning

We use the Migration wizard to move packages between Salesforce environments - but it is currently only available in Classic. Could this be ported to Lightning please.
Guest over 1 year ago in DDP Management and Creation 0 Planned

Support Account Contact Relationship Salesforce Object

Salesforce released a new feature in Summer 16, contacts to multiple accounts. This feature allows one contact to have a direct relationship with one account as well as many indirect relationships. When creating a DDP I can only choose my recipi...
Guest over 5 years ago in Lightning Experience 4 Planned

Lightning Component: Packages are conditionally available

Allow an Admin to control the Packages visible to the User in the Component, based on a value within the Record. In the example below, on my SOW Record, I have a Picklist for Project Billing Type. In the example below, as the Project Billing Type...
Guest over 3 years ago in Lightning Experience 4 Open for voting