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document generator

Would be nice if K2 had a built in document generator like doc gen in Nintex workflow for 0365 & NWC, where one could create a template and use variables in them, instead of the current document feature which just looks like it takes a screen ...
Prineel Paupamah 6 months ago in Other 0

"Update Password" option in Setup Manager

Currently, in order to update the K2 service account password you must choose the "Configure" option. "Configure" touches many parts of K2 that are unnecessary for a password change and can unintentionally alter various environment settings. Addit...
EmilyK 10 months ago in Other 0

Style Profile Save as Option in K2 Designer

Have the possibility to copy/save as an existing style profile so changes can be made and saved/used as a new one.This comes in handy when you need to apply a new style with minor changes of an existing one.
Guest 5 months ago in Other 0

Have a warning message/popup when the upgrade/Update/Cumulative Update/Fix pack if the current user is not the same from the last execution

We can lost lot of time if we execute the upgrade, Update, Cumulative Update or Fix pack with a "simple" user account.Could you add a warning message like this:'Warning: you are connected as "Bob", the last time a K2 setup has been executed, you u...
Guest over 1 year ago in Other 0

Install fix packs - Check for all permissions

The Setup manager frequently starts and does not check whether install user has necessary permissions on the K2 database. This is checked subsequently but by that time some updates may have been made leaving the product in an unstable state. The S...
Guest 7 months ago in Other 0