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Workflow Errors

There needs to be some notifcation to the designer or somoene if the workflow errors. When you have multiple workflows across multiple sites a notifcation is helpful in managing your workflows and any issues. This was available in on-prem why has ...
Guest 7 months ago in Designer 43 Completed

Include Seconds for NWC Instance Actions Start & End Times

Instead of only knowing down to the minute how long various actions are taking from start to finish, it would be useful for us to know down to the second. This would help us determine how much of an impact various workflow changes are having. Curr...
Shane about 7 hours ago in Other 0

Search and sorting capabilities NWC

Search by task name (being able to define the search options. Like what shows in the drop down for users to search by) Search by fields in form (similar to first bullet – being able to search against fields in the form and then we can pick from a ...
Sabah N about 8 hours ago in Dashboard Experience 0

Automatically create a Component/FAST diagram

Based on your set up of application in designer auto create Component/FAST diagram. It will show to show the relationships between the various K2 artefacts, such as Forms, Views and Smartobjects. It could be similar to a SQL database diagram, but ...
Miroslav Krsko 1 day ago in Reporting 0

Dark Mode Availability for AssureSign/eSign

Having the ability to toggle between Light & Dark modes in the user interface would be incredibly helpful for users who have to stare at screens for extended periods of time by reducing eyestrain caused by bright backgrounds.

Turn off Inputs & Outputs Boxes on Process Maps when not used.

If inputs and outputs are not entered on a process, the green & red boxes should not appear on the process map. We have many processes where we don't require these fields to be filled in and they just frustrate people when they check them only...
Unknown Unknown 2 days ago in Nintex Promapp 0

Disable users in bulk.

Hi, You can use a csv file to upload new users in baulk but can you disable users in baulk? In our Org we manage 6000+ users so this would be of great benefit. Thanks Peter Kepa Admin Support Co-ordinator Quality/Risk, Safety & Environment (AU...
Peter Kepa 9 days ago in Improvement add-on 0 Under Review

Add support for file shares to Nintex Gateway

We need the ability to save a file that is part of NAC workflow (eg form file upload control or file output from document generation action) to be saved to an on-premise file share. We can do this with Power Automate and their File System connecto...
Gavin Adams 25 days ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

repurchase of bank cheq

how to repurchase a bank cheq the following day after purchased. due to lost cheq / stolen / spelling mistake - no straight forward process for this
Guest 3 days ago in Other 0


the wording on the process when withdraw / transfer to account isnt clear - when it is Journal credit etc involved
Guest 3 days ago in Other 0