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Nintex RPA (formerly Nintex Kryon RPA)

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Mass deletion of tasks in Kryon RPA Console

In previous versions (before V21) we were able to mass select tasks in the kryon Console. This was useful in case due to an accident many tasks get triggered. The other day a 3rd party send us 1000+ emails on accident which all triggered tasks tha...
Guest 6 months ago in Console+ 1 Under Review

Add decription field to roles as per example of systems

This improvement would allow to explain in more detail exact content of the role , this will also avoid duplicating roles.
Guest 2 months ago in Admin 0 Open for voting

Stop button shortcut (SI-479721/KC#00491462)

This request came from Yazaki.As of now both “do it“ and “do it from this step” have shortcuts, stop as none. being able to stop on a dime is very handy during development. Thanks
Guest 7 months ago in Studio 0 Open for voting

Allow Global Function local save

As Global Function can be shared between clients, we should be able to locally save it and reload it on another server
Guest 7 months ago in Studio 0 Open for voting

Allow Variables to be used in Excel Macros

This would allow the use of dynamic values in excel macros when inserting formulas, etc. in Excel.
Guest 4 months ago in Studio 0 Open for voting

Kryon services - upgrade to .Net Core version 6

Kryon uses .Net Core 3.1. Microsoft will not support this version after 12/13/2022. Microsoft recommends upgrade to .Net Core Version 6. Currently, Nintex Support says an upgrade would cause the RPA Main Service to fail because a coded d...
Guest 5 months ago in Attended bots 1 Completed

Add user search in groups

Nintex RPA admin does not support searching for users in groups. If you want to remove an user in a group of more than 1000 users you have to scroll through all users and manually compare each user name to the one you want to remove. There is a fe...
Sascha Steinberg 5 months ago in Admin 0 Open for voting

Advanced command to encrypt/decrypt data

We really need an advanced command that supports openssl encryption. Just one that handles strings to be encrypted/decrypted using a self defined key/key from vault. The only way one can handle this today is using scripts (which then expose your k...
Sascha Steinberg 5 months ago in Advanced Commands 0 Open for voting

Git versioning system in Nintex RPA Studio

I think it would be very nice to have something like git implemented in the studio. The current versioning system only lists changes very rudimentary. Like "Step 2: Advanced command changed" ... if step 2 consists of more than 1 advanced command y...
Sascha Steinberg 5 months ago in Studio 0 Open for voting

Add global "ignored windows/applications" option in Nintex RPA admin.

Nintex Kryon Admin allows you to add "sensors - ignored windows" for each application. Sometimes there might be software running in the foreground which should be ignored by all sensors/applications (like webex/teams/zoom/....). To do this you hav...
Sascha Steinberg 5 months ago in Admin 0 Open for voting