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Status Started
Categories Form Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Jan 26, 2023

Start Event Forms - Default Values & Rules

We need the following default values enabled for the following on task forms and start event forms in Nintex Automation Cloud ("NAC").

  • People Picker Fields - If Active Directory is enabled in tenant why wouldn't ID be an option to default value as or login username etc?

    • Other times we want to default a person in a custom "initiator" control vs system initiator data for when a user is opening a form it defaults to their name but left unlocked in case the person filling form out is not the same person the request is for.

    • We can't pass data through for updating purposes - we can only show people information in text, read-only on task forms. If we need to default it and leave it open for editing on task forms, we can't. We have to show it and give a box to "update details" and allow them to then fill out a blank canvas. It's extra steps just to update people and make it clear what the user is being asked to do.

  • Multi-Choice Fields - this is a major issue considering we have forms that request multiple information and I can pass the data from start event form to sharepoint but not back from sharepoint to a task form since default value doesn't exist for these fields. When displayed in text it looks horrible.

    • We also have a need to have users COPY a previous form submission through NAC, the option doesn't exist YTD. Because of this we have to use a data source to filter users previous requests stored in SharePoint list. They pick a request and then we have rules to "auto-populate" values into controls on start form so they don't have to fill out a 8 page form all over again. I can't auto-populate any of these addressed field types because default values do NOT exist on control.

  • Repeating Section - we can't default a repeating section, I think this should be allowed in configuration if the repeating section is coming from another nintex start event form or task form, I understand not being able to do it between SharePoint and NAC repeating sections but why not within the same environment? I was able to pass repeating sections to sharepoint and then manipulate the data string for a repeating section to show back up on a NAC task form but because default value didn't exist it was a failed and wasted attempt and could not be done.

  • Outcomes - can't do a default value for outcomes.

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  • Vili Bogdan
    Feb 2, 2024

    Being able to pre-populate a repeating section would be extremely helpful from a user experience perspective. We already have scenarios implemented where this would improve usability. People have expressed frustration about having to manually re-populate a repeating section when the information that should go in them has changed.

  • Admin
    Chintan Desai
    Jul 31, 2023

    Hello, I’m thrilled to share that the people picker now supports default values.

    4 replies
  • Gavin Adams
    Jun 5, 2023

    The key elements of this idea for me are:

    • ability to default the people picker to the current user or other varable.

    • Ability to set the default, min, max number of rows to a variable rather than hard code number.

  • Michele Dudzic
    Feb 23, 2023

    Upvoted this for the People Picker Fields. Should be able to set the default value of the people picker to the authenticated user.


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