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Status Not Planned
Categories Form Designer
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 18, 2021

Create a more accessible bug reporting.

There is a bug with NWC Repeating Fields where a Number field will not conditionally populate a value from a previous form-variable based on a rule.

This same action can be accomplished using normal fields in groups, but not in a repeating field.

Reproduction steps:
1. Start a workflow with a form containing a number field
2. create a new form task containing a number field and a repeating control which contains another number field
3. create a Form rule in the second form which will copy the value of the number field from the Start form if it isn't empty (is filled) and put the value in the first number field on the second form.
4. Create a Repeating Control Rule with the same configuration and apply the value to the second number field contained in the repeating control on the second form.
5. Test workflow and you should observe that the value from the first form populates the only one of the fields on the second form, but it should populate both fields.
    Sep 7, 2022
    If you feel there is a defect, please raise a support case.

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