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Status Open for voting
Categories Form Designer
Created by Tye
Created on May 31, 2023

People Fields in Unauthenticated Task Forms or Anonymous Forms

It would be very helpful in NWC to make a People field option available in Anonymous or Unauthenticated Task Forms. Just because we are leveraging an Anonymous form or Un authenticating a Task form shouldn't mean that our People field lookups should be hindered, especially if proper governance is in place. The developer and designer of the form in our Org knows when is applicable to use or not. We have had multiple use cases where this would be beneficial, streamline capabilities, and offer work arounds where needed.

This would help in these ways

  • Lets say we want to send a Task to one Email account (for this use case it's not applicable to assign to multiple people). Let's say this is our support ticket system so a general email...something like If I assign a Task to the one email then I have to assign multiple people Business Owners of the flow in order to authenticate into the task because not everyone has access to the password of the actual general email account that was assigned the task, but I also don't want to assign a team of 10 people to the task and spam their email inbox when not applicable. Additionally, by assigning them as Business Owners of the flow in the My Nintex Workflow Tracking form they can now have access to things I don't want them to see from say the Start Form in this case. Ideally, I would make this Task Unauthenticated, because the problem is in the task, I have a Person field required that the task is meant to complete, but Person fields will not work in Un Authenticated Tasks or Anonymous forms. This is really the only field actually required for them to complete in the task as they are being fed a bunch of variables as info needed to do their work, but the person field would bring back the necessary collection of User Information we need to feed downstream in the flow without asking them to input an email, which they could inevitably misspell (Happens more often than not).

  • In an Anonymous form we may be working with Partners and Vendors that know our business and workforce, but we want them lookup a Person they work with internal of our business.

  • I have had other use cases but would be nice to have this option, as right now we would potentially have to rework or use something via Microsoft Power Pages/PowerApps.

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  • Admin
    Chintan Desai
    Jun 1, 2023

    Thank you for submitting the idea. Can i get your thoguhts on the kind of governance we can offer here? What would it look like? To inform you, we are also looking at Start form permissions which may make My Nintex more usable.