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Status Not Planned
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Unknown Unknown
Created on Jul 7, 2021

Assign a task without email notification

Give the option to assign a task without emailing the assignee(s).
With the addition of my nintex, some users are already asking for the option to just monitor their tasks in there on a daily basis rather than receive emails for each task.

If multiple users are assigned it would be good to chose who gets the email and who doesnt. This would be particularly useful to send a notification to a shared inbox and allow users of that inbox (also assignees) to complete the task as their users.
    Dec 13, 2022

    Thanks for the idea for which we've already logged in our backlog.

    Currently we have other near term priorities however we reevaluate requests every quarter and will reach out if priorities change.

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  • Admin
    Kate Huynh
    Oct 12, 2023

    Thank you very much for posting your feedback. At this time, we will not be adding this request to the near-term backlog, as we are focused on other priorites. However, we reevaluate requests every quarter and will reach out if priorities change. Please keep the feedback coming as it is critical for our longer-term planning.


    Kate Huynh

  • Ronny Lewandowski
    Oct 9, 2023

    This is a typical requirement. I have a lot of Workflows to migrate from SharePoint-2013 to SharePoint-Online and NAC. Many of them using assigning task without sending mails, as the users are monitoring there tasks on a daily basis and won't get email spammed. Even more important is, that in some workflows (investments, orders, and so on) CFOs and CEOs are involved and they hate to get spammed by emails. The same CEOs approved to buy your product! - You can imagine the work of persuasion we have to do here and how acceptance suffers! - Please add this functionality. - Thanks

  • Brady
    Sep 7, 2022
    I would spend a few votes on this if I could...
    Just implemented a new process that will result in a couple individuals getting many tasks (about 100) assigned to them when a certain cutoff point in the week is reached. They're going to ignore the emails and use My Nintex to respond to these if needed. It would be great if we could not send the email in the first place.