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Status Under Review
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Nov 4, 2022

Assign a Task - Hidden Controls (Values don't stay after actioned on hidden controls)

We came across an issue I noticed while building task forms.

Scenario: We have a long text field dedicated to a "history" log in a SPO list we use for a specific process. This supports the end-user with seeing a log in real-time as the request goes through the pipeline of approvals and/or handovers for corrections. That being said we update this field often throughout our workflow. Usually immediately following an action of a task which also is followed with an email to the created by user or initiator of the request. Because of this we need the FULL NAME of the individual who actioned the task on the assign a task to multiple approvers action.

Challenge: The Assign a task to multiple users action has been challenging for us to pull user properties for the individual who responds - full name, job title, location etc or anything for that matter. The only property provided in the task object is the user email of the first responder. If we want anything further regarding that user we have to use an azure get user detail action to obtain user properties which is just another action that delays the workflow more from finishing - not to mention you have to have an object to store this information per branch which is annoying! To resolve this I added a text field control on the task form and hide the control so the end-user actioning the task doesn't actually see this information being passed through. I created a rule to set the value of this control text field to first and last name using context information provided through the task form.

Results: If the text field control is hidden, the value doesn't saved and is not passed on throughout the workflow as a task control value. It's just empty. NOTHING.

If controls are not hidden, values are passing through just fine to be used later throughout the workflow.

Impact: This concerns me as it relates to some of our business requirements that may arise or that already exist in our workflows that were built in 365 that are scheduled to be migrated soon to NAC over the next year - we may need to force values within a form control on a task form that is hidden for business requirements - not just to get who actioned a task (we have a workaround for this, not for something we absolutely cannot have showing on a task form for privacy or sensitivity reasons but it needs to be captured). We have had the ability to do this in Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and on Nintex Forms for Office 365 - not sure why we can't in NAC. I just happened to notice this the other day.

THIS MUST BE A GLITCH? I put a ticket in for this but I doubt it gets resolved. So if this is something that is expected behavior I'm putting this idea in to motion - give us something to easily pull the first, last or full name of the 1st responder of a task.

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  • Juyoung NAM
    Aug 3, 2023

    Same happened at text - short controls. if we set visible to yes, it shows and bring the right value.

    If we put it into the group and set group visible to no(not text - short), it still didn't bring the value.