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Ability to call internal API

My team is working on creating a form that will utilize the data lookup tool and make a call to our local services (internal API). We've been advised this is not accessible in NWC. The data involved cannot be exposed externally because it is custo...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Connectors 1 Under Review

function for an automation of the checklist where the process already has a checklist

If there is a checklist in the process and the process has been changed to a new version, the checklist should be coming with the process as the process is generally reviewed but not checklist is reviewed as a part of reviewing. Current Promapp pr...
Sohee Bae almost 3 years ago in General 1 Open for voting

Autocomplete option for form based task

Would love a way for a task to time out if the data is not collected in time. In our case, the default outcome would reset the workflow to another stage in the workflow if timed out. Do not want to use express approval, because it would require an...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Workflow Designer 0 Completed

Call a web service action to support HTTP PATCH

The "Call a web service" action is currently support GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. Why is the PATCH missing? I found a lot of time HTTP PATCH is needed by most of the REST endpoints. Can we have this action to support HTTP PATCH as well?
Guest over 5 years ago in Runtime 1 Completed

Capture of Request Content in workflow variable

External start workflow required the "Request content (parameters)" to be provided in the body of the REST call, capturing the "Request content" into a workflow variable, allows capture of additional data that are not defined as Start Variable(s) ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Runtime 2 Not Planned

Allow access to export from Promapp maps with Timing on them

It would be great to have a report that can be run from Promapp that allows us to see what maps have timings next to them and which do not. This would allow us to use Promapp as a workload management tool
Guest almost 3 years ago in General 1 Open for voting

workflow initiated datetime in start event context

The datetime for a when a workflow is initiated is not available in the workflow designer. Consider if I have a form which has a date control for date and time called 'formdate'. In the workflow designer when I insert a variable I have the 'form...
Gavin Adams almost 3 years ago in Workflow Designer 1 Open for voting

Would love to see the Nintex Workflow Best Practices Analyzer retooled

to accommodate NWC and O365. This is a very helpful tool for investigating NWF files and seeing areas that are in need of attention.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Other 0 Not Planned

In addition to "all staff" have additional swimlane roles such as "process owner" or "business analyst" capability

We have generic processes that we would like all persons who are "process owners" and "editors" or permissions of "business analysts" to be automatically assigned to them. In otherwords, we can create those generic processes such as Project manage...
Guest almost 3 years ago in General 1 Completed

Instances Page/Dashboard

Can we have the default filter of Instances set to all instances? and have the Search/Filter paner minimized/collapsed, only if we want to filter the instance view to expand the Filter Panel/Area/Section?
Guest almost 6 years ago in Dashboard Experience 1 Not Planned