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Nintex Automation On-Prem (formerly K2 Five)

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Site banner message option (display a short message on all pages)

In our previous workflow engine we had good use of an option to add a banner message to all forms form a system wide configuration setting. There were two possible settings - one that added a line of text at the top and bottom of each page but lef...
Jens Gyldenkærne Jensen 4 months ago in Nintex Automation On-Prem (formerly K2 Five) 0

Process level escalation function

Request for a process level escalation function so we can send the email or call SmartObject, GotoActivity, or Terminate the workitem. This is for long running process. The escalation might be 1 year away. There is deadline per stage but if the pr...
Peter Yao about 2 months ago in Workflow 0

Invoke a HTTP POST request from K2

I was working on a https invoke request and come across this article in the community I wonder if there is a way to do it easily in K2 without having to cre...
Ben Lok about 1 month ago in Integration 0

Multi Language support by default (K2 Five)

By default Multi Language support should be included - Customers would like Multi Language support by default for the K2 Product, specifically K2 Five (and K2 Cloud). In the past, customers could download and use the Multi-language control from t...
Gareth Schroder over 1 year ago in SmartForms 1

Style profile - CSS / JS Files upload

It would be really usefull to have the possibility to directly upload a JS or CSS file to a Style Profile (instead of only beeing able to add a link) This would actually be a major change for some customers when we don't have access to the K2 Serv...
Guest 4 months ago in SmartForms 0

Allow Form and View Rules to be Moved or Alphabetized and Include Comments

In forms with many views and unbound rules it can be difficult to find and understand how rules are being used. It would be helpful and significantly reduce eye movement on the screen if rules could be moved up and down or alphabetized within the ...
Brian Andersen about 1 year ago in SmartForms 0

Make Rule comments visible

Allow the first 100 chars of rule comments to be visible when configuring rule steps
Guest 11 months ago in SmartForms 0

document generator

Would be nice if K2 had a built in document generator like doc gen in Nintex workflow for 0365 & NWC, where one could create a template and use variables in them, instead of the current document feature which just looks like it takes a screen ...
Prineel Paupamah 8 months ago in Other 0

Convert legacy Themes to the new "Style Profile"

It would be helpful if the original themes, now called as legacy themes, such as Lithium, Platinum, Platinum2, Blue Void, Leaf, etc. could be converted into new "Style Profiles" for K2 Five 5.5 and later.
Pavel Svátek about 1 month ago in Other 0

K2 Five to support OpenAPI v3 swagger

No description provided
Guest over 1 year ago in Integration 2 Not Planned