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Workflow Designer

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Assign a Task to Multiple Users - Details of Approver(s)

Response details other than first name, last name and email of the person responding would be extremely useful so we have other pertinent information to bring in - like approval date (specific time/day vs a timestamp using current time/date contex...
Brandi Woodson 6 months ago in Workflow Designer 0

Add actionable message to task email

There needs to be an option to add lazy approval actionable message to emails generated from tasks. One of the biggest drawbacks that is keeping me from switching from O365 to Cloud, is that option. With current cloud lazy approval, user has to ...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Workflow Designer 1 Open for voting

Function to be able to search by email in Workflow Owners

We can only search the user account by inputting the last name / first name in Workflow owners when publishing the workflow.It would be great if we can search the user by the email address.There are some users with the exact same name, which may l...
Yukiko Yasuda 8 months ago in Workflow Designer 0

Image link in send an email

Please add the ability to add an image link when drafting the email body of send the email. We have a need to incorporate into the email signature the organisation's Logo and link to the organisation's web site but the functionality is not there o...
Guest over 4 years ago in Workflow Designer 3 Completed

Show the workflow designer is open by a user

Identify workflows that are currently locked / being edited / opened by a user so that work does not get overwritten. Also show who is editing and how long it has been open. This has been an issue where work has gotten overwritten.
Kerrie Boyd 11 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

SmartSheet as Start Event

Hello Team! As per Dustin Namdar, to create a UserVoice request for activating Nintex Workflow based on a new row or a change being taken place in a row of Smartsheet.I am sharing the API for add row and others below, that might help with the inte...
Kash over 1 year ago in Workflow Designer 0 Under Review

Send Info Via SmartSheet Connection

Hi Team! I'd like to be able to send information to SmartSheet from my workflow. Currently the SmartSheet connector only supports retrieving information which limits my ability to use the connector. Thanks!
Guest almost 2 years ago in Workflow Designer 3 Under Review

Get Tasks - Filter by Workflow Name or ID

I would think all developers would need this, the abilityt o filter all tasks related to a specific workflow. Get tasks action is not resourceful unless we can filter on workflow ID level. I do not want to return all active tasks across the entire...
Brandi Woodson 2 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

Ability to directly assign a task to a AD Group

When assigning tasks, the ability to input directly an AD group for the task assignment. Not talking about having to input prior steps to retrieve a list of users.
Nicholas Kotze 8 months ago in Workflow Designer 1 Open for voting

Introduce Task Roles into NWC

Ability to assign a task in NWC to a Role. A role being a preconfigured area where users are set/retrieved which can comprise of combination of AD Users and individual AD users as a starting point. As this concept evolves roles can cater for more ...
Nicholas Kotze 8 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting