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Workflow Designer

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Smart Search

When searching for "Task" I would expect the Express Approval to appear.
Dan Stoll over 6 years ago in Workflow Designer 1 Completed

"Catch All" or "other" Branch Capability

in the branch by value action we need the ability to "catch all" branch for values NOT recognized. Otherwise the WF will fail.
Guest over 6 years ago in Workflow Designer 1 Not Planned

Look and Feel

I noticed that the height of actions differs between actions. This is not really pleasant for the eye. I understand that the height differs when the text spans 2 rows. The space above/below & left/right the actions icons is also not always the...
Guest over 6 years ago in Workflow Designer 0 Completed

Get Label for termstore

When a term store field is used, the only options are to retrieve the GUID or WSSID - but not the LABEL. Need to do a 2nd REST call to retrieve this. We need to get the LABEL text - not ID (number)
Guest 7 months ago in Workflow Designer 0

SharePoint Online List Item Attachments - Tasks and Emails

Please find a solution on how to pass list item attachments as files through to task forms. We do not have this issue in Nintex Workflow Office 365. They show up on the task form. We have to build AttachmentURL's and display in task form as a list...
Brandi Woodson 7 months ago in Workflow Designer 0

Azure AD Query User Conditions

Creating conditions for Azure AD user queries is limited to only two options, "equals (ignoring case)" or "begins with (ignoring case)". PLEASE add more options, like is empty or null, contains, doesn't equal, doesn't begin with... Regex would als...
Anne Collier 7 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

Assign a task form design and objects

Allow objects to be edited with switch/toggle on task design forms so whoever is actioning task form can edit data in collection/object. In 365 we can for related list items why can't we at least have the ability to allow users with edit permissio...
Brandi Woodson 7 months ago in Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

Need Wait Actions

Don't we have "Wait Until" and "Wait For" actions?
Guest over 6 years ago in Workflow Designer 0

Occasional Disabling ("Assign a Task")

Hi,I have few tasks ("assign a task") in workflow that needs to be disabled for a specific number of days and automatically activate for once and disable again. Can you please assist how it can be done?
Guest 9 months ago in Workflow Designer 1