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Ability to print all pages from browser

For responsive forms created in NWC it would be beneficial for users/customers to have the ability to print forms to PDF or physically via the browser. Currently when you print a form in the browser by default it only prints 1 page instead of the ...
Guest about 2 years ago in Other 0 Planned

Preview files after upload to Form

Our users would find it helpful to be able to open and/or preview any documents uploaded in a NWC form. This would allow our operators to confirm their uploads prior to form submission all within NWC instead of having to look back through their Fi...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Other 0 Open for voting

Tasks menu improvements

Hello !I was wondering if you would consider to add in the Task menu a new column with the instance ID or the search box with the instance ID. As you will see in the attached picture, I know to whom has been assigned the task, but I don't know to ...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Other 1 Open for voting

Input a specific email for Workflow Instance Fails Alert Notifications

It would be great if you could just set an email of your choosing for Workflow Fails outside of the choices given. For example I have all my workflows throughout the Nintex workflow suite to send email notifications to a Microsoft Teams, would be ...
Tye about 2 years ago in Other 0 Open for voting

NWC Assign a Task action - notification/link sent to a Slack user

NWC to be able to so send Task assignment notification/link to a Slack user not only email. Can be configured in Task configuration panel.
Guest 9 months ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Nintex Mobile Push Notification

With being able to run Nintex Workflow as well as install the mobile application, it would be helpful to be able to send a push notification to the users phone within the workflow as a new action item.
Guest over 2 years ago in Other 0 Open for voting

Allow passing form values to an Nintex Form task through NWC API

Can NWC API provide an endpoint to pass form values (in JSON), together with the required outcome, to an Nintex Form task? If so, it can allow a better integration with the engine with our existing applications. I think, it can also be a new task ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Other 1 Open for voting

Support for IdP initiated logins for Nintex Workflow Cloud

It would be great if we can login Nintex Workflow Cloud from SharePoint option so that it provides seamless access for SSO users.
Yukiko Yasuda over 1 year ago in Other 0 Completed

Unable to stage workflow for testing now

I am receiving an error now when trying to use the Workflow testing on our CER Workflow in Draft. I was using fine yesterday, then it encountered an issue with the workflow ending, have not been able to go back since workflow issue was fixed.
Guest 11 months ago in Other 1 Reported as bug

K2 Admin Console in NWC

The K2 Admin consol has more control and allows admins to restart failed workflows from the point of failure. NWC needs this functionality
Guest 12 months ago in Other 0 Planned