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Form Designer

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Add category for Nintex Mobile

In the settings of the form (where we can set the title and description), having the possibility to type a category for the form would be really useful. So that the form can appear in a category in Nintex mobile app.
Guest over 4 years ago in Form Designer 4 Not Planned

Drag and drop form rules

It'd be nice to have the ability to organize Form Rules, a drag and drop feature would be handy.
Shane 6 months ago in Form Designer 1 Not Planned

Allow for HTML/JavaScript within labels or within a separate control on the form.

If we can add custom HTML/JavaScript to the NWC forms then we can enhance it in so many ways. From adding google address lookups to applying custom themes.
Guest about 2 years ago in Form Designer 2 Planned

Online Form for a sharepoint list or library form vs 365 forms

Would be nice if we could use start event forms more often, our issue is it's double the work. It's obviously quicker to execute via a start event form in NAC but we can't use it alot. Would be nice because of the delay between new or edit start e...
Brandi Woodson 2 months ago in Form Designer 0

Add decimal option of '0' in NWC Forms

Please consider adding '0' to the options for decimal places in NWC Forms for the currency field. Currently, the only options are: automatic, 1, 2, 3, etc. We often have the need to display rounded values and the extra digits add noise to the form...
Guest 7 months ago in Form Designer 1 Not Planned

How to pre-populate Repeating Rows from SharePoint Lists Items

I managed to capture information from Nintex Workflow Cloud form and save it in SharePoint List. Now, I want to design a form for Updating or Editing a record based from the SP List. How can I auto populate repeating section based on Sharepoint Li...
Guest about 1 year ago in Form Designer 2 Not Planned

save and continue button

It would be nice to have some sort of Save and Continue button in NWC. If we could save a form can cache the data or something and have the ability to comeback and finish it that would be great.
Guest about 5 years ago in Form Designer 4 Completed

NAC Start Event Form - Cascading Dropdowns (Data Sources)

Currently there are no options in NAC Start Event Forms for cascading dropdowns (distinct feature in 365 forms) when adding data list lookup controls. We have to replicate this concept by using multiple choice fields which is not ideal for more co...
Brandi Woodson 5 months ago in Form Designer 4 Not Planned

Unable to get the repeating section values to be added on the approval form in NWC

In the Nintex Workflow Cloud Form we are using the repeating section, the process starts with Form submission then proceed with Task Approval. When developing the Task Approval Form we cannot get the repeating section values to be added on the Tas...
Vicentiu Nae about 2 years ago in Form Designer 1 Planned

Multilingual Forms

Currently, if forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud require support for multiple languages, the designer has to create a form for every language required. As an NWC workflow start event only supports one form, it means creating a workflow for every langu...
Guest over 3 years ago in Form Designer 4 Planned