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Form Designer

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Security trim a form so only users who have permissions can access the form

Capability to show hide forms according to whom business owner decides. Some forms should only be available for few users within the business/department and the process owner should be able to give remove access.
Guest over 1 year ago in Form Designer 4 Planned

Data Look up from SQL Server on a Form

There needs to be a way to pull/show data on the Form using the Data Lookup from a SQL Database. Many Forms we have information that users can pick or we show users in a label the information that come out of SQL Databases instead of having to har...
Guest over 2 years ago in Form Designer 5 Completed

Default Value for Data Lookup

Should be able to determine a default value for a Data Lookup control. This could be configured so that the default would be the "first" value returned by the control, or when the data lookup only returns one value it automatically becomes the val...
Guest over 2 years ago in Form Designer 5 Planned

Active Directory People Picker

It would be tremendously helpful to have an AD based people picker on NWC similar to the tools in on prem or O365 nintex.
Guest over 3 years ago in Form Designer 6 Completed

improve data lookup control with multi-value fields and more

The new Data Lookup control in the Forms designer needs at least these three additional features: [1] Support for multi-value fields (really needed soon) [2] Allowing multiple Option Labels that will show as multiple columns in the pull down. [3] ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Form Designer 4 Started

Increase File Upload Size Limit for NWC.

The file upload action for Nintex Workflow Cloud is currently limited ot 25MB files. But we are seeing more and more need to increase this file size limit. A 250MB limit like what is on Nintex Workflow for O365 would be a great start.
Ian over 2 years ago in Form Designer 4 Under Review

Repeating Sections

Repeating Sections similar to SharePoint forms. We have a requirement to fill out data for every country the user interacts with. It can vary enormously and the user-case would be perfect for a repeating section. We need it based on WFC though.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Form Designer 11 Completed

User context available in authenticated Nintex Workflow Cloud Start Forms

In a cloud based Nintex Start form make the user context of an authenticated user available in the form designer. Currently the user context is only available in the workflow not in the form. With the user context available in the form designer w...
Gavin Adams almost 3 years ago in Form Designer 8 Completed

Data lookup control on NWC form return value and label

Currently the data lookup control only returns the 'option value' for the control in the form variables. If we want to use the label we need to add in an external data source variable or a query in the workflow actions. This is a unnecessary doubl...
Gavin Adams 5 months ago in Form Designer 1 Not Planned

Address Control must be able to be refined to country

I have configured the Address control for one of my mobile forms using Google Maps API - but the address results provided are world-wide. This increases the opportunity for selection error. We need to be able to refine the results so that users ...
Ian 6 months ago in Form Designer 1 Not Planned