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NWC SQL Queries - retrieve multiple columns

The SQL connectors allow a designer to select a single column for select queries. Many times we wish to select multiple columns. Can these actions be modified so we can add an unlimited number of columns?
Guest over 5 years ago in Connectors 0 Completed

Secure Datagateway to on-premises LOB system

As pr. now if we need to connect to on-premises LOB data from O365 workflow/form or Workflow Cloud, we need to make the SQL server/LOB system available through internet. For many this is not an option. Please consider a solution like Microsofts Da...
Guest over 5 years ago in Connectors 6 Completed

SharePoint Online for Document Generation Action

It would be really nice to have the option of SharePoint Online for the DocGen Action. On the Office 365 side only being able to use OneDrive for DocGen is very limiting. We need to be able to use DocGen from SharePoint Online as well. This allow...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Connectors 0 Completed

Connector for Microsoft Teams

More and more people are now using Microsoft Teams! It would be very helpful if you could make a connector that could do all or some of the following things: - Post to a channel (Message and Card) - Send a chat message (Message and Card) - Create/...
Guest about 4 years ago in Connectors 2 Completed

Add sorting to the SharePoint Query List action

the SharePoint QUERY LIST action has no option to SORT the results like its ancestors in NW365 and NW2016. As there are no other sort actions or options this seems a real omission. (The SORT COLLECTION is very basic and not capable of sorting item...
Guest over 2 years ago in Connectors 0 Completed

Add metadata when storing file in SharePoint Online

When using "Store a file" in the SharePoint Online connector, it is not possible to assign metadata. The metadata is even required, so the file uploaded is not completed. So you must store them fileID and then update the item with the correct meta...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

Add support for paginated responses from Connector calls such as BOX.ccom

The current connectors for (and I assume others) do not support pagination. In the case of when a response has more than 200 items (For example a collection of files in a folder with '201 files') the Nintex connector will only retu...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Connectors 1 Not Planned

Box Get Folders - Change Sort Order

When getting folders from Box, we are looping through them and due to the number of folders, the instance is taking over 10 mins at times. If we had the ability to loop through folders in descending order rather than ascending, it will move the qu...
Kash over 1 year ago in Connectors 0 Under Review

Add First Item to SQL On-premises actions and object variable

Often when using the SQL on-premises actions such as query a table, query a view or execute a stored procedure you are only after a single record. Equally this applies to data sources and external data sources on forms. Other connectors such as Sh...
Gavin Adams 6 months ago in Connectors 0

Add support for Signing Groups in DocuSign connector

DocuSign has a feature called "Signing Groups". This feature allows you to create a group containing multiple users, and the group can be set as the signer. This helps account for situations where a number of people are able to sign a document, bu...
Brady about 1 year ago in Connectors 0 Not Planned