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Export Word doc/Automation file from Unified Graph view

Today, we can generate a descriptive Word document or an automation file from a Process in the Process Library when using the Linear Graph. However, these two options are not available in the Unified Graph view (only CSV and BPMN). I would like to...
Morten Schnack 8 months ago in Nintex Process Discovery / Output (BPMN, CSV, Word) 0 Open for voting

Allow functionality when clickjack protection is enabled

As part of Salesforce's Health Check, it is recommended that clickjack protection is enabled for customer Visualforce pages. However, it has been identified that if we enable that security setting then the out of the box lightning button for gener...

Terminate Workflow from My Nintex

Have the ability for Business Owners to terminate a running workflow from the My Nintex console.
Ed Thurber 11 months ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Dashboard Experience 1 Open for voting

Add Audit Logs for User Creation and Updates

It would be helpful to have audit logs for user creation and changes to user accounts. Our organization has an Access Management team, so it would useful to be able to tell who created a user account or who made changes in the event there are ques...
Guest over 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 3 Under Review

Assign Promaster per Location / Process Group

Provide Promaster permissions but limited to specific site/location, meaning a process group folder. For example, we have 4 locations (Turkey, Spain, China, US) and I would like that the promaster permissions are limited to the site folder (proces...
Guest 3 months ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 0 Open for voting

Have Time out for tasks that take too long

Sometimes our jobs may end up in an infinite loop for some reason or another. Can a Task have a time limit so it does not keep a Robot running for hours but kills the job when it has reached it's allocated time
Guest 3 months ago in Nintex RPA (formerly Nintex Kryon RPA) / Unattended bots 0 Open for voting

Show process time at activity level for previous versions

We would like to be able to see process time savings at the activity level. Currently, in the Change Log, viewing a previous version and running the Process Time Saving Report only show the process total time for previous versions. If the data is ...
Guest 3 months ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 0 Open for voting

Task Responder name in Assign a task to multiple user first response outcome

In the current object output for the Assign a task to multiple users both in the task responses collection and in the first response object there is the 'Task Responder' text variable. This is the email of the user that completed the task. Frequen...
Gavin Adams 12 months ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Workflow Designer 2 Open for voting

Reporting of User Addition/ Deletion

Reporting availability on user addition and deletion by Promasters. [ ref:_00D90q6Cb._5002v2cbjHX:ref ]
Guest almost 4 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 3 Open for voting

Allow the Process map to be in portrait mode when export to PDF

When printing the procedure to PDF, Can we have an option for the process map to be either portrait or landscape. If portrait orientation was selected, the process map would scale to fit the page, making it more user/reader friendly.
Guest over 1 year ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Open for voting