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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 20, 2024

Add a column with unique identifier in the Instances page

In the instances page, the information being presented makes it difficult for customers to correlate with a particular record within a SharePoint list/library. During troubleshooting or analysis of tasks, they are unable to easily filter a specific record from the data shown in Instances to check on the results. They can only try to filter the workflow based on workflow name and try to identify the date/time of when the workflow runs, which is not user friendly. It will provide a much better user experience if the Record ID is shown by default and allow users to search this as an additional filter to narrow down the tasks information they are looking for. This is not a new feature request but to maintain the user experience customers have from SharePoint Online after they migrate to NAC.

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  • Admin
    Kate Huynh
    Mar 28, 2024

    Hi Danny,

    There are 2 easy approaches that you can take to identify the workflows and their related items:

    Set Instance Name action gives you the full control and flexibility to add any information that is deemed important against the instance name; You can choose to store Sharepoint item IDs, unique statuses, or other critical information from other sources, or a combination of the above. This will enable you to search based on any of the information added, and offer contextual information to instances so users can understand at a glance.

    Given the detail you have provided, I feel this is the best solution - You will be able to correlate an instance with a specific record, with the flexibility of adding more or other information as needed.

    Alternatively, there is the Events page:, which will allow you to find all workflows related to an Item's ID, no matter the source.