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Forms for Office 365

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Multilingual Form Support

To have the ability on multiple languages form support without the need to duplicate the forms. The user selects the preferred language or Nintex detect the current SharePoint default language, the form will automatically translate (based on langu...
Guest about 1 year ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Add simple AND and OR functions to formula

Please add simple AND and OR functions to formula options. We do have IFELSE and NOT but adding a simple AND and OR function would really help a lot.For example: AND (Input value [,Input value])
Guest 8 months ago in Formulas 0

Select custom color for Group header background and font in New Responsive Designer

Add the ability to select a custom color for the Group control header background and select a custom color for the header text.
Eric Rhodes 9 months ago in Designer 0

Add percentage support in the New Responsive Designer

The original "Responsive Designer" supports percentages. It adds a text field that's formatted for percentages and connects to the list's number column. The new responsive designer adds a number field without any formatting options to support perc...
Guest over 1 year ago in Designer 0 Open for voting

Set monday as first day of week in date field and edit the "Today" button label

We use date fields in our Nintex New Responsive forms. Many enduser don't like that the week of the calendar popup view starts on Sunday. It would be nice when it is possible to set Monday (or other days) as first day of the week.It would be also ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0 Open for voting

dark theme in new responsive designer

Users want the ability to toggle between light and dark modes or themes in new responsive designer. If we try to build a form with customized dark colors, it does not allow the user to switch between light and dark mode, and it causes another prob...
Guest over 1 year ago in Designer 0 Open for voting

designer shrinks dropdown control too small to read

When trying to fit several controls into the row, it sometimes shrinks or squeezes the dropdown too small to read the selected text value. Fix to display at least a certain minimum amount of text.
Guest over 1 year ago in Designer 0 Open for voting

Responsive Form Lookup Control Display different from list

It would be nice to display one field for a lookup list and set the value from another. Often it is needed to display a description field and set a code field for the value of a lookup column. In the list the value is a short code. In the form the...
Guest over 1 year ago in Forms for Office 365 0 Open for voting

Nintex O365 Form Repeating section limited to 50

The current O365 form has a limit of 50 which is too less. It would be good if it gets increased to 100 at least.
Guest 10 months ago in Forms for Office 365 0 Under Review

Web Request Needs to Return Numeric Data

The Web Request control in O365 New responsive form will not return numeric or boolean values, only text. I opened a case and the tech replicated my result, so he sent it to the dev team. Their reply was that the functionality is not there and the...
Anne Collier 10 months ago in Forms for Office 365 0 Under Review